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They tried to scam me!!!

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Published: 25 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I discussed the payments of the vehicle and of how I would make installment payments to the company. It sounded promising on the telephone but wasn’t pleasant when I got there.
I walked into the office to further discuss our deal of payments and didn’t get the exact atmosphere as I did when chatting on the telephone. Everything started to make sense of the changed attitude toward me in person and on the telephone.
These guys want to make money on me, and the presence of the boss changed their conversations of the payment deals. I got myself in mess and didn’t know what is next from the team at Moxie Mitsubishi
I wasn’t pleased with the attitude I got from the team. It made me feel alone in this payment and in what I wanted for the purchase of my car.
The unprofessional team didn’t fail to inform me of their scam, and I didn’t think I would have this experience at Moxie Mitsubishi where It felt promising on the telephone and everything confused the car deal payment.
I decided I had seen it all here. They were scamming clients off their money and telling lies about the car deal payments every month. There’s no good deal from Moxie Mitsubishi and I don’t want others to have the terrible experience as I have. This place isn’t worthy of a customer and doesn’t go to Moxie Mitsubishi for car deals and special offers.
I discontinued my last bit of services I had there and found a better car deal payment at another car dealership. The whole process denied me of a good car.
I didn’t see honest employees and friendly people assisting me in the choice of car.
They chose to scam me through monthly installments of the car payment deal. From the moment I sat to discuss the car payment deal, the team changed their attitude and conversation of the car deal payment.
The higher price popped up and different arrangements of payment came into the deal. I prefer to work with professionals and didn’t find a professional in a car dealership at Moxie Mitsubishi. I didn’t feel comfortable and calm talking to the team.
They didn’t show me the best customer’s service and the best of attitude from the team instead, they chose to scam me of monthly payments of my car. I refuse to put up with this team\’s behaviors.
I won’t recommend Moxie Mitsubishi, to my friends, families and to any person in need of a car.
The best option available for me and you is to research professional companies who employ qualified workmanship. The people here are careless and irresponsible. They don’t give customers the best services and don’t care about the customer’s needs. The focus is money and not of what the customers get from the car deals at the company. I regret my short stay at the company and go there again.

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