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Published: 16 November 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I do not know how but one day my water purifier pipe started leaking. I had often heard of Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Long Beach. So I immediately called them and asked them to send a plumber to my address. The plumber reached to my house within twenty minutes. I explained to him the issue regarding the pipe.

He checked the pipe’s connection and then opened some parts of the purifier. He examined them a few times and said that the internal part of the pipe, which went inside the machine, had a hole in it. I was confused as to how could a hole be created in it without it being touched by anything. He pulled out some instruments from the bag and did some technical work. Most of his time got wasted to figure out how to fix the parts back into the machine. I observed all this and thought that maybe he was not so experienced or he had never worked on a purifier. After an hour he went. I paid him and was satisfied that now I would not have to go through the trouble of a leaking pipe. The next day after I returned home from work, I was shocked to see the state of my kitchen. The pipe had leaked again and so much that the entire kitchen floor was wet. I took a step in front and I slipped. Luckily I held the door and saved myself from falling. Not even a day had been passed till the repair and this was the condition, already.

Carefully, I went inside the kitchen. I went near the machine to switch it off and found that the pipe was hanging loose out of the machine. The place where the hole was, I saw a half stuck, which means half opened, piece of tape stuck to it. The water came out again and this caused the condition of the kitchen. I was irritated to the extent that I cannot measure. Was the plumber joking about his service? Is that even a solution for a leaking pipe? These questions came up to my mind. I mean, how could he even stick a cello tape and solve the entire problem. I did not pay him so much for this nonsensical act.

Furious, I called them again. I told them the entire situation and asked them to send that particular plumber again. Their response annoyed me more. They said that they do not keep track as to which plumber goes to which location for service. I laughed sarcastically. When I asked for a refund of my money they denied it by saying it’s not in their policy. I could not beg for it, now that they had said it. So I let it be. I called another plumber from somewhere else who properly explained other causes of the leakage and did the work professionally.

My problem had been solved but still, I wasn’t done being angry. I had never come across such a low-quality service centre in my entire life. They sent such a plumber who did not know anything about plumbing. He could have said the truth but just to get the money, he used his brain and did whatever he could. Not only this, Rooter’s entire business seems ineffective. They do not keep track of their workers and nor do they have a policy of refunding money. They treat their customers like a source of money but without providing the satisfaction of service.

I request each one of you to never contact them for your plumbing services. Otherwise your money and time both will get wasted.

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