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Published: 21 November 2017

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In September of 2013, Mrs. Miranda Spigener Sapon invited me to join her team of writers for a television crime drama series called Cayman Heat. She advised in an email (which I still have), that the program was already green-lit and picked up by Lifetime T.V. I met with Miranda for lunch and signed the Deal Memo on September 23rd, 2013, and immediately thereafter began to work with the other writers on writing the pilot episode. The Deal Memo stipulated a writers salary of $17,900 per episode provided final approval of the network (Lifetime TV). On October 22, 2013 I along with the other writers and staff hired by Miranda to work on this project, recieved an email from her advising that the network (Lifetime TV) approved the pilot. Thereafter, in several emails (which I also have), when asked when payment would be released for my services, Miranda continued to advise payment was coming. Each month she continued to give a different date as to when Lifetime TV would be releasing payment. Fastforward to May 2014, no one, including myself had yet to be paid for our services for working on the Cayman Heat pilot. Because I had quit my job to work on this so called green-lit Lifetime TV project, I began seeking out Agents to help me land profitable writing gigs. Up some of the Agents reviewing my resume, I was told that Lifetime TV had no knowlege of Miranda Spigener nor did they ever green-light a project called Cayman Heat. Needless to say when I found this out, I contacted everyone involved and advised them. I then proceeded to make Miranda aware, and forwarded to her an invoice for my having co-written the pilot for $17,900. When Miranda recieved the invoice, she was very upset and said that she owed me nothing, and to leave her alone (I also have this in writing). The Deal Memo which I signed in Sept. of 2013 was inforced not by Lifetime TV, but through her company MS Film PR Literary, so how then does she figure not to owe me for services stipulated in the contract is beyond me. Approximately one week after I sent the invoice for $17,900 to Miranda, Lifetime TV advised her to remove thier name from her project as they never gave approval nor had they ever green-lit such a show. Bottom line, Mrs. Miranda lied about Liftime TV greenlighting her project to make herself look good, and to entice others to come aboard and work on her bogus project. What she failed to realize is, had she told me the truth, which seems to be, that she had an idea for a show which she planed to pitch to the network, and could not yet pay me for my services, but liked my writing, and wanted my help, I would have probably said, “sure, I’ll help you out.” Instead, she did the opposite, which led me to quit my job based on a bogus Deal Memo, which promised to pay me a sum of $17,900 for the approved pilot episiod, and $17,900 for each additional future episodes, 6 in total. Artists beware of Miranda Spigener Sapon and her establishment, as she may put you to work by falsly and over advertising what is real. Her game in all smoke and mirrors, and I have mounds and mounds of emails and texts records to prove it. There are 3 other people working with her on this project who are aware that she forged the truth, and have reservations about her character (I also have them stipulating this via email and texts), but because they want to be a part of Hollywood so badly, they have decided to keep their mouths shut. God bless them all. ~T.E. Kendall/Screenwriter

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