Ms. Suellen Fagin-Allen

Ms. Suellen Fagin-Allen

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Published: 09 January 2021

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Greetings. I enjoy helping individuals 40 and over navigate the ups and downs of mid-life and beyond, with those nagging questions that keep one preoccupied during the day and awake at night: How did I get HERE, of all places? What’s important to me now? How do I move on with clarity, purpose and passion? How can I best spend my increasingly precious remaining time? WHAT NOW?My therapeutic approach is person-centered and existential – focused on YOU in the HERE and NOW – and embodies logic, non-judgmental curiosity and humor infused with compassion and respect for your willingness to undergo the arduous and sometimes painful change process during which self-acceptance problems often elude efficient solutions.In later mid-life myself, I’ve grappled successfully with thorny issues that might look a bit like yours. I ask tough questions that promote deep self-examination. And, I’ll be there with you and for you as you sort things out. If you’ll let me. Reach out!

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