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Published: 08 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

MSI Canada Merchant Services Inc. Canada Clever Scam US Company operating in Canada out of a PO Box St. Catherines, Ontario MSI Canada, AKA Merchant Services Inc Canada, AKA Federated Payments Canada Corp. All have the same registered published address located at A301 1 St. Paul Street St. Catherines, ON. This address does not exist nor is this company operating in Canada legally. They have ‘managers’ based out of New York who hire, manage and control employees in Canada. They are members of the BBB and remain in good standing by coercing complainants by hiring a lawyer based out of Montreal who sends a demand letter trying to extort $50,000 in my case. The BBB will NOT investigate complaint involving legal matters so the lawyer is a clever way of eliminating any black marks on the BBB file, thus retaining their standing. To date, I am owed $11,651 by this company for outstanding commissions and wages. I have already filed with the Employment Standards Branch to receive my overdue compensation from December 2009! The law in Canada is that ALL commissioned employees and or contractors must be paid at least minimum wage if commissions do not reach this amount. This is the LAW! Plus, this company has fraudulently changed the terms and conditions of every contract that I signed up with my customers for MSI (totalling 26). As incentives I offered each customer a certificate or coupon that had a signficant value to sign up with me. I would release these coupons which cost me money when I received commissions from MSI. I never released the coupons because I never received any commissions from December 1. I clearly wrote on the terms of the contract on the first page the value and quantity of said coupons. My customers received copies of contracts with these removed. I have the original copies as evidence. Beware of signing up with MSI and working for them as a company. If you did work or currently do work for them, be advised that by LAW you must get at least minimum wage if you do not sell anything or up to this amount. If you have a claim, just Google Employment Standards Canada and file a complaint. If you have been a victim as a customer email the BBB corporate office. .

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