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Published: 21 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

They will lie to you every step of the way. Because of these practices of MTM it has put the company that I worked for out of business. These people have destroyed families because of non-payment to the contracted providers of the services. MTM is incompenet in thier business practices. They should not be allowed to have a contact with Texas and/or the federal government. The longer they hold the money, the more intrest they make of monies that legally does not belong to them. MTM is the biggest ripoff of medicaid non-medical emergency transportation. They are taking money from a government contract and not paying the provider for service rendered. When you call MTM to ask where the funds are for the provided services, they respond to with call your provider reps. When you call your rep about the situation, they tell you to call MTM. So the entire company will just give you the run-around and yet never seem to pay or they pay small amounts every two to three weeks. Because of their incompentence, it has put the company that I work for out of business. Which is horrible becuase it is only a few weeks before Christmas. This company has literally ruined families because of their business practices. If you decide to provide transportation services to help out people in need, please try to find any other broker besides MTM transportation. They are a horrible company.

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