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There was no sense of compassion, let alone professionalism.

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Published: 04 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

The toughest moment of all is when you know that the time has come to let go of a person when you know that there is nothing you can do no matter how much you want to. It comes and goes in an instant and everything changes. It all changed for me when my grandmother passed away.
No amount of consolation from anyone, not even from my parents was able to get me out of the deep hole of depression that I had gone into. All I could think about was a million things that I could have said to her while she was alive. Neither did the tears stopped dripping down and nor the memories. It was bad. I did not go to the gym, did not hang out with my friends, refused to eat. My parents could not see me anymore and thus they decided to send me to therapy. They looked up for therapy centres online and the next thing I knew was sitting in a car and getting off in front of Starting Point Mental Health (aka MTU Hypnosis). No matter how much I tried to resist, I was sent in. You would think that a therapy clinic would have a calming atmosphere but that was not the case here. While I was waiting in the sitting area, I saw staff members laughing and cracking insensitive jokes about patients. The receptionist too did not bother to shush them. When I asked for a glass of water, I was told that there were no clean glasses. Finally, after waiting for twenty minutes, I was called in.
When the therapist asked me, I was hesitant at first for obvious reasons. After being forced to talk, I opened my heart and let it all out. After listening to me while being on the phone the whole time, the therapist told me to go home and sleep and come back the next day for another session. Although I did not say it out loud, a little bit of consolation or advice would have been nice, but since I got neither, I went home.
The next few sessions too went like this. While I talked about my mental health, all the therapist did was use her phone. Instead of giving me advice on how to get rid of the angst and pain, all I was told was to accept the pain. One day, when I went in half an hour late for the appointment, I was shouted at by the therapist for not being punctual. I was not even let to explain myself. I realized that day that all the therapists cared about was the money that was being paid to him by my parents.
I stopped going to the wretched place and although it took me some months to get back to normal, I thanked myself for not going to that place ever again after the incident.
If you are in depression and want to go to depression therapy sessions, go anywhere in the whole world except Starting Point Mental Health unless you want to delve deeper into the already agonizing pain you are suffering from.

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