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I was slapped! Ridiculous behaviour!

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Published: 15 July 2019

Posted by: Judith

I had visited Mudgil Dermatology to get a wart removed from my face. I had gotten a wart removed before at someplace else so I already knew what it was like to get a wart removed. But this guy is full of ego. THAT BASTARD SLAPPED ME in the middle of the procedure. And he didn’t even apologize for it after the incident. He didn’t use anesthesia for the wart removal procedure. When I pointed that out, he just slapped me. Not only that but he is also a terrible doctor who doesn’t know how to talk to people. He doesn’t know how to talk to patients or how to behave. All he knows about is boasting. I had thought of avoiding this guy before but after reading his online reviews, I thought he was a legitimate and reliable professional. If I had any idea that he would be a rude and terrible doctor, I wouldn’t have trusted him with my treatment at all. The staff there was a little good but the doctor himself was a goon. When he met me discussed the procedure, he just told me that he will get the wart removed quickly and without any pain. I was happy to hear that. He had told me that I shouldn’t disturb him during the procedure because he would need to focus on everything.

When he started the procedure, he didn’t use anesthesia. And that made matters worse for me. When I tried to tell him, that bastard SLAPPED ME!! He told me that I shouldn’t disturb him otherwise he would not treat my wart and charge me for wasting his time. That guy shouted at him and I wonder if he behaves this way with his wife too. He had no right to slap me! How can he even think of lifting a finger on a woman? Where are his manners? He is an indecent and terrible man. He lost my respect right at that instant. He removed the wart for sure but he didn’t apologize for his behavior. In fact, I got a call from his staff later on and they told me that he was expecting an apology from me. I don’t know about others but I can’t tolerate such behavior. Not only did he slap me but he also thinks that I’m in the wrong. All I know is that this guy is crazy and has no idea how to run a clinic. He knows nothing about treating patients and he shouldn’t even be allowed to practice. Those online reviews are false because they paint a completely different picture. I have met with that guy only once after that ordeal and he didn’t apologize even then. He kept saying that he didn’t slap me and I am making up lies. Why would I lie? And let me also mention the fact that the wart removal procedure was really painful. He didn’t give me any anesthesia and didn’t even consider the fact that he had forgotten about it.

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