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Published: 06 February 2020

Posted by: JRAbell

I have used this clinic twice… First impression was awesome!!! And a first class experience… However, I went there today and had the worst experience… The doctor on rotation there… Joseph guthries… Was beyond rude… He was flat out abusive to me in front of the entire waiting room, screaming and shouting at me that he would not prescribe me medication. This was after I had inquired about obtaining an emergency rx refill because I ran out of blood pressure Maintenance medication, (due to a military transfer, my meds got sent to an old address)! Understood that urgent care could not fill that rx due to the inability to monitor me on the medication… However, the way in wich dr. Joseph guthries screamed this at me was deplorable… So I returned and asked for his medical license number so I could file a complaint… Dr. Joseph guthries screamed in front of the entire lobby that he would not write me medications (he embarrassed me by treating me like I was drug seeking)… Which isn’t what I wanted… If dr. Joseph guthries would have listened to me, he would have understood that I was requesting his license number… And for this he asked the staff to call security and told the staff to obtain my license and that I was banned from the clinic… All for requesting his license number… I know my patients rights, and dr. Joseph guthries certainly violated them… If you go to indigo, do not see dr. Joseph guthries. Do not let dr. Joseph guthries violate your human right as he violated me and my rights! Please stay away from dr. Joseph guthries and indigo urgent care!!!

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Angela Franklin

Absolutely horrible experience with this doctor. Wouldn’t recommend to anybody. Previous Review Next Post Coming Soon...

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