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Published: 17 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Falling upon hard times I was unable to pay my credit cards and my identity to top it off was also stolen. It had been a couple of years since i had made any payments, but was I was convinced by my mother to go here and fix my credit (who saw the commercial on Television) Upon arrival we spoke to Lourdes and later on to Jenny, (their employees speak mainly speak spanish or very little english) we were told that all we would have to pay was $499.00 and my credit would be fixed in 3 months (this was back in april). I payed them my money and i made a deposit of $150.00 for my mother to fix hers as well because i was told i could make installments. They would tell me to send them papers when they came in the mail, then would dissapear every once in a while and then come back again and everytime it was to collect more money. Then they called me asking me for an additional $250.00 ?! I was astonished, i said what for? and she said for removing inquiries. The Inquiries in my opinion, wouldnt have even been known that were removed if not for me voluntarily faxing them all the papers i was receving at home. I told Lourdes I could not afford it, and that I wasnt really that intersted in the inquiries, the reason i came to them was because i wanted my outstanding credit cards to be removed. She said that if i didnt pay up in a week that the inquiries would be added back on, and I would lose my “association fee” of $499.00 (thats what it was, it wasnt even applied toward fixing my credit) and that I would no longer be able to fix my credit with them. I asked her if she could transfer the $150.00 I put down as a deposit for my mother to fix her credit and apply it to mine. Lourdes said no, that basically that money was lost. These people didnt fix my credit, they didnt do anying that they promised, but they did manage to get almost $650.00 from me. I am very dissapointed with them, it was a complete fraud and i feel like an idiot for trusting them and knowing that they now have access to my personal info and social security makes me cringe. Who knows if theyre even the ones adding the inquiries themselves onto my credit in the first place just to collect money! please, please, PLEASE reconsider using this company. They are a complete fraud and waste of time and money. This began in April 2014. It is now almost mid November and my promise of “3 months and your credit is fixed” is completely out the window. I am embarassed to have been swindled by them and hope to save any of you from this same feeling. I would LOVE to hear a rebuddle. To solve this, i would greatly like my moms unused deposit back and get most if not all of my money back. .

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