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I could not take it anymore and so I quit.

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Published: 06 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

One of my colleagues from work recently got mugged while returning home from work. After thinking about how self-defense is important and how one should always be agile and fit to face any difficulty which may come along the way, I decided to learn Martial Arts by joining a center as it would not only help me be fit but also make me physically aware. After browsing through various websites, searching for a good Martial Arts Training Centre, I found out Murray’s Martial Arts. It seemed so perfect on paper that I was convinced about the place.
I joined the place after taking a trial class. The trial class’s atmosphere and the environment felt good. The instructor seemed to be friendly and calm. I had no idea that my journey ahead there was going to be so traumatic. On my second day, we were taught the importance of learning Martial Arts. To teach the first move more properly, they asked if someone wanted to volunteer and I decided to go for it. I was assured that nothing would happen to me and that I did not need to be scared. It was a basic kick. Instead of telling me to be ready, the instructor just went ahead with the shot. Bam! I got hit on my chest and fell. It hurt like hell. Instead of apologizing, I was told to be ‘aware’ by the instructor who could not care less about me being on the ground. I could not believe it.
The next few days were harsh. It seemed as if the instructor, despite being a ‘professional certified instructor’, was getting more rude and fierce after each day. It was stated that the environment was ‘friendly’ but trust me, being a student there, not even the staff members had a bit of friendliness in them.
My body, instead of improving, degraded after each session and my mind got tenser after every insult or demotivation that was thrown at me. It became really hard for me to stay calm and focused as all I could think about while being there was how I could protect myself from the instructor in any way. One day, the limit was crossed. Before the class, I had a disagreement with the instructor regarding something. When the class started, he selected me as a volunteer to teach the class some ‘new moves’. Without even warning me, he started beating me mercilessly. I knew he was doing it intentionally because of the incident that happened before the class. After he was done, I could not move. I laid on the ground, helpless to which he sarcastically said “Did I hurt you? I did not mean to”. There were bruises all over my body.
My advice to anyone who is thinking about going to that place – Do yourselves a favor and find another place that does not have tyrants wearing human masks. It was the biggest mistake of my life and I regret the decision of joining Murray’s Martial Arts Center even till this day.

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