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Published: 07 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Richard Wyant runs one of the biggest internet scams when it comes to the supplement industry. He “manufactures” fraudulent products (most likely out of his living room). He simply slaps a poorly crafted label on a bottle of who knows what. Not only is this extremely dangerous to the consumer its extremely illegal. But I guess its not a big surprise coming from an individual with a record that looks like this; According to public record, he has 53 court records,1 felony,11 misdemeanors, domestic violence 2005, felony threft by deception 2001,i mproper handling of firearm 2000, having weapon under disability 2000, 5 seperate theft charges 1996, in 1995 2 felony counts trafficking in drugs and 2 felony counts trafficking in counterfeit controlled substances, complicity 1994, agravated burglary 1994, civil judgement 2012 ( Mahoning County Ohio Court Records), judgement in Youngstown Ohio court for $134.00 in 2009, Domestic Violence also in 1995 in Columbiana County. Reposts of Richard J Wyants scams can be found all over the internet, It is a wonder why this man with no morals or regard for others is not behind bars as we speak. He has completely desimated the good names of credible companies. Here are just a few of the sites he his affiliated with and sells his conterfited products. Stay away from muscle labs USA Angelo sorice seller on amazon Muscle chem labs Militant muscle Muscle superstore on amazon And there are many more. I have also found reports of Richard Wyant ripping off and impersonating other popular companys as well. Here is the kicker, this a** hole has web site ( url with a header “Making a Difference feels good”, Well Wyant , your making a difference alright but not the kind of difference to be proud of. On his web site he states “Helping individuals self improve or take action on an idea,concept or vision is his true passion” Just like he does right? He takes a true passion in creating fradulant products and taking the hard earned money of individuals in echange for a bottle of…well we dont know whats in the bottles do we. THIS MAN BELONGS BEHIND BARS!! Please contact me you would like more information please to help put this criminal behind bars! .

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