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Published: 05 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

BACK IN AUG 2013, I WAS BRINGING IN HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS OF MY OWN USED GUITAR AND KEY EQUIPMENT TO SEE WHAT THIS PLACE WOULD OFFER. THE LAST TRUE SALE WAS RUN BY THE OWNER, PHIL, AND I CANCELLED BEFORE LEAVING STORE W. ANY EQUIPMENT B/C AFTER TWO DAYS, NOT ONE “”QUALIFIED”” WORKER OR HE COULD TELL ME HOW IT OPERATED. “”OH, YOU CAN TAKE IT AND BRING IT BACK!”” NO THANKS, SAID I , AND GOT MY C.C CREDITED. A FEW WEEKS LATER, A SPECIAL NEEDS CAMP GAVE ME 5 JAPANESE GUITARS TO TRY AND SELL FOR THEM…THE STORE PAVED ITS DOWNWARD SPIRAL FROM WHEN I WALKED IN AND THEY SPENT 3 DAYS TELLING ME $250 FOR ALL, BUT WHEN I CAME IN THE NEXT DAY, THEY’D CLAIMED A “”MISTAKE”” AND COULD GIVE ME ONLY $100 ON STORE CREDIT/$70 CASH. THE LOW LIFE WORKER VIC KIND OF LOOKED AWAY AND IGNORED ME AS OTHER PRE-TEENS ASKED HIM QUESTIONS (APPARENTLY HE LIKES THAT AGE RANGE), AND AS I DECIDED THE STORE STOCK HAD NOTHING TO OFFER, I ASKED FOR MY DEPOSIT BACK. THINGS GOT WEIRD WHEN HE TOLD ME IT’D BEEN PUT ON THEIR SITE/WEB AND I WOULD HAVE TO WAIT TWO WEEKS. HE THEN CONT’D RAPPING WITH THE LITTLE BOYS, AND WHILE I WAS THINKING OF CALLING THE POLICE, I NOTED THEY HAD A “”FREE STUFF-TAKE IT”” BOX, AND THERE, NEAR IT WAS AN INDIVIDUAL “”DRUM TRIGGER”” WITHOUT ANY MEANS TO USE (NO HAMMER, NO CORD, JUST A BLEEDIN BOX WITH NO MARKINGS). LIKE AN IDIOT, I FIGURED THIS WOULD BE MY ONLY COLLARTERAL AGAINST WHAT THEY WERE REFUSING TO GIVE BACK. TWO HOURS LATER, THIS VIC STARTS BADGERING MY WIFE AND FINGERING ME FOR STEALING…APPARENTLY HE HAS SUCH BLOODY GOOD CAMERAS, EXCEPT HE EDITS OUT THE PARTS WITH HIS SHYSTERING AND SHELL GAME PRESSURE TACTICS WITH OTHER PEOPLE’S EQUIPPMENT. I REMINDED HIM HE HAD BY HIS OWN ADMISSION, MY EQUIPMENT, WORTH A HELL OF A LOT MORE THAN THE PIECE OF TRASH. HE AGREED THAT HE WOULD KEEP THE EXPENSIVE STUFF IF I WOULD JUST STAY OUT OF “”HIS”” STORE AND KEEP THE PEDAL BOX. My wife heard about this, and urged me to return the piece of crap, which I put at their door and knocked and watched them take it in. A few weeks later, I wrote a similar fact pattern to this on the Boston area “”Yelp”” chat/blog. Soon after, I got mail that MGR wanted to see if there was evidence suited to the very low standard of proof in MA, of shoplifting-less than $40. They didn’t go to the actual informal meeting, and my case was not found having suitable material b/c of their inter-business malange of customer misfortune seeking (i.e got mad I reported on a public forum and used their greed to try to get back at me, even though they legally promised earlier that it was “”settled”” and they wouldn’t play games with taxpayer paid authorities time and money. Almost as soon as the whole melarky was dismissed in Natick/Fram., for the state of MA., the doormat Vic was so appalled that he couldn’t get to remove my commentary that he made up a nice one of his own, calling it “”Fairness in Communication””…note he didn’t say TRUTH!!!! I won’t read it here, but he basically links his store front page to libel me as a theif and pilferer…..these are the kinds of things I could sue him and that operation for but I already gave them a break by not taking them to small claims court after things settled in my favor. Since I TOLD THE TRUTH here, and in the Yelp article, and they continued actions manipulating city authorities and copmromised my reputation in a manner I could sue for, my purpose writing here is to warn customers to avoid their store, their wares, their ads and free gifts parties at their new store opening across route 9 WOrcester HWY, bet. a UHaul and bike shop (in was what once was a perpetually open/closing furniture cheap Oriental laundrymat), AND ESPECIALLY AVOID BUYING/SELLING THERE. There are stores which might be a few dollars more for the rent-Guitar Ctr., loads of better shops down Mass Ave Boston, etc. Just to quote in Forbes this month:””People who can’t find a job are the ones that sometimes go into this sort of business””, i.e a pathway through lowest abilities and sales records. Sure, the junk bondsmen in Wolf Of Wall St went far, but eventually their hounds come home to roost…if you want to be hounded, your wallet pounded and entrapped if you change your mind about their abilities to conduct FAIR BUSINESS…then this is the place for you. You have been warned .

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