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Published: 22 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

MW Properties purports to be a full service property management and rental agency in Charlotte. The blitzkrieg of PR this Comapny has done in the past year to sanitize their reputation cannot hid their history and reputation for ripping off both property owners and rentersnin the past several years. as a property owner I trusted Mark Walters, the owner to steer me through a maze of sketchy contractors when my property needed an expensive upgrade. That was a mistake. Despite my initial suspicion concerning an expensive job done on one of my properties, Walters convinced me to use one of his ‘ trusted ‘contractors who was a complete Crook. After having paid Walters, the concerns I had about the quality of work done on my property were manifest through a leaking roof and thousands of Dollars of damage to the interior of the house. When I again approached Walters to help me hold the contractor responsible , I found out I was in my own. He told me he didn’t wNt to hear about problems associated with the contractor who it turns out was not insured and has had numerous judgements decided against him in the past. The contractor refused to ever send me a materials receipt , a warranty for the materials and would not visit the property To inspect the damage. He repeatedly sent a worker out who I had never made a contract with. Walters could have cared less! He had been paid and wanted to have nothing to do with the job. He added further insult to injury by exercising a little known option to cancel his managers contract on a 30 day notice and walk away from all responsibilities associated with the debacle. As an honest business owner and as property manager he was a miserable failure . I would warn absentee owners to assisously avoid doing business with him and MW Realty Group of Charlotte. After recently filing a review of MW Realty Group with the Better Business Bureau of Charlotte I was told that since I am no longer a customer my review would not be considered for publication. Ironic isn’t it?! .

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