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Published: 12 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I purchased a new Verizon phone from MyBullFrog location in Tempe, Az. When I bought the phone, the salesman pitched me for their $9.95 per month “Phone Protection” plan, which I declined, and signed that I declined their insurance, citing that I am already paying Verizon for insurance on my phone. I paid with a credit card that I never use, nor check, and thought that was the end of my experience. Last week, I was given a notice that my credit card was over its limit (it’s a small limit card I never use) and checked it out, only to see that there was a charge for $19.90 to my card, and researching the reference I found it was from mybullfrog. I went to the store, and a salesperson told me they had no information, and I need to call their corporate officer. The young female was just too busy playing Candy Crush to deal with my issue. I then called Mybullfrog corporate and their “customer care” agent told me there was nothing they could do about the past charges and they would “stop charging me now”. I asked her why I was being charged in the first place, she said it was for insurance I must have agreed to. I looked at previous credit card statements, and turns out they have been charging me $9.95 for the past 5 months as well, and I cannot recover this money because I can only dispute a credit card charge for 60 days. After doing research online about this company, I found dozens of complaint for the exact same thing – people charged randomly for insurance they did not sign up for! This company does not care about customer service, they charge you for items you did not request or authorize. Do NOT buy Verizon phones from Mybullfrog, go through a full Verizon Store! .

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