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Published: 29 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Husband and I bought a brand new 2013 Sandpiper 43ft fifth wheel trailer. Took possession Sept 4/13. Next day had first water leak. No caulking around shower enclosure. Numerous other defects. 1 month later major water intrusion. Reported immediately these findings to dealership. Dealership requested we remedy these. Warranty claim to be submitted in Nov/13. We provided pictures/video of destroyed belongings that contained mould. Dealerhsip not concerned. Manufacturer (Forest River) states they did not receive any claim as of March 30/14. Made 5 hour unannounced trip to Ottawa to confront dealer and was assured we were a priority. Re submitted pics/video. Warranty to again be sumbitted. May/14 quote for repairs submitted, parts to be ordered. Sept/14 no parts delivered and Forest River continues to claim they have not heard from dealership regarding claim. Oct 6/14 receive email from dealership telling us “f @* him”. Nov 2/14 closing trailer for season and cannot retract awning. Make another unannounced trip Nov 3/14. We were greeted with anamosity and rude behaviour. No assistance provided at RV location, directed to Mycar location. Greeted with yet another General Manager. Discribed our experience. Determined that parts were still sitting in storage area not delivered. He originally was trading out trailer but agreed to a mould inspection. Report was positive that this manager has since falsified the results of. We sent a demand letter in Jan/15 to dealership with no response and to president of dealership in Feb/15 with no response, guess he’s not too concerned about how the company is being represented. Dealership agreed to pay out of pocket expenses and reimburse package protection purchased however no one could provide proof that service was done or the attached warranty, therefore this service we paid for but dealership could not back up but kept the money. They have still not reimbursed these funds to us. As a matter of fact they are using it as a negotiating tool that they won’t pay unless we agree to their term to simply fix trailer that they proved they couldn’t do after 1 year. We reported to OMVIC and the BBB only to have the case closed as they report they cannot impose a settlement. We provided all the supporting documents to prove our claims yet dealership did nothing, just offer to help and the BBB was happy with that. The dealership states we are unreasonable to expect we want our trailer traded for a new trailer. We lost our investment and left with a lemon. The dealership stole from us and did not complete the terms of the contract and was completely unethical, deceptive and disrespectful with us. We have showed due diligence, patience to avoid litigation however they feel we have no choice but to litigate. What business performs this way? We are left in the cold by an unscrupulous dealership and they just have to pay these agencies for protection that is aimed to protect the consumer. Something called the consumer protection act. .

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