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Published: 27 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously My computer Career BEWARE. WORSE SCAM THAT WILL GET YOUR DREAMS BROKE. Irving , Texas As a mature adult, looking for a change in career, I was an easy catch for this so called “”. After a brief interview and explanation of how wonderful this school is, I signed up for their classes that was starting just few days away. They start by promising a life time career service and 10 computer certifications in 7 months. All great right? Well, to start by saying that it costs near $21k for the worse teaching experience I ever had. There was only 2 teachers ( both smokers who would just disappear for cigarette breaks) and their method of teaching was the following: – PowerPoint presentations that will last 1 hour of that boring and unprepared teacher reading out load. – After the first horrifying hour, 3 hours of “hands on” lab; Are you kidding me? What hands on??? First day of class they make you download some pre-made labs ( supposedly step by step) and after that is pretty much good luck and send me your check for $21000 dlls. – About a 20 % of the time we had issues with the network to do our labs ( A computer school with issues in their network should be a red flag). – The labs are long and quite hard but it wouldnt be an issue IF the teacher would take all questions and answer; the entire class ( around 20 students) had issues in between the 3-5 lab and ALL of us had to start from the beginning with all the labs (about a 16-18 hrs wasted). The worse part of all this lab nightmare? Nobody had a clue of what we were doing and the “teacher” would ask a question with another question: Haven’t you read the chapter? I want to make sure that anyone going to this school do a very diligent research; I don’t ask you to believe a word of what I am saying but don’t cry later…because it will be to late. A quick resume of my horrible experience; I attended classes for 1 month; I learned few things ( all on my own ) and after leaving the school I got a bill for $4800 after already had paid $1500. If you ever go and take a look at this place ( I attended the Irving/Dallas Campus), take a look at their job placement ( Remember, they promise a LIFE TIME JOB PLACEMENT) and to your surprise, all of this jobs are paying between $12-15 dollar per hour; I am really sorry, I don’t want to be mean, but for $12dlls anyone can go flip burger without having to be in deep debt. As of today, I am having my lawyer to look over the contract and I will NOT pay another penny. I am also having my lawyer withdraw a letter to Better Business Bureau (BBB) with a former complain.

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