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Published: 06 March 2019

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Why did I use the username, “”A Better Life””? Because that is the authentication key my computercareercom uses for the wireless access to their network. A network that has a hard time to handle all the network traffic and sometimes it crashes due to a broadcast storm. To avoid an unreliable network, now they use wired access while real institution would fix the problem and let students have more flexiblity which is the reason, we like wireless access. Just keep in mind that these people will be teaching you. This is problem number 1. Lets move to other problems with mycomputercareercom. I graduated from this institution a while ago. I can tell you that some students will not receive one certification because they have not the ability to pass any of them. I have seen many students to just receive CompTIA A+, Network+, and the not counting MTAs and some walk of without any certs. The MTA are fairly easy exams, when students do their measureup exams, they will pass MTAs. However, I have not met any students, while I was there, to pass MCTA and MCITP exams, whose include 70-640, 70-642, 70-646, and 70-680. These exams are extremely hard and even instructurs and flex instructurs are failing them. Instructors who are teaching the material to students and try to prepare them for the exams. When you go to their orientation and they go through the spiel, they will tell you that you can make $60,000 and plus yearly as a professional, maybe if you have previous experience in the IT-Field, you might. However, be prepared to receive job offers, starting as little as $8.00 an hour. Most of the companies, my computercareercom deals with are temporary agencies such as TechSystem, Modis, Kelly Services to name a few. While sitting through orientation, you will ask questions and not sure if the program is for you. They will tell you that you are smart and can do it, counting on you self-esteem. Do you want to be called dumb? Well, I don’t. The recruiter, uses any method to lurk you in to believe that the program carrying a sticker of $19,500, will be beneficial for you, but a the end of the program, you can use the completion of the program by either framing it or put it away because it is useless. Well, after you gone through the sales bitch, they will directed you to Financial Director, hoping that you are not defaulted on your student loans, so FAFSA can be accessed and completed. Believe me, they will accept anybody, even drunks who they will kick off the premises after they have the money. Everybody who walks through their door is just a walking dollar sign. The campus director, is a very nice person to your face but she is fake like Frontdesk person, Recruiter, Career Counsleor, and of course, the Financial Director. They do and say everything, you want to hear by simply lying to you. By the way, mycomputercareercom increased the tuition by $5,000 almost a year ago because they decided that a tablet and one additional course would justify it. Lets talk about the hands-on experience, you should gain from the institution. We worked on Hyper-V technology while the labs were written in Virtual-Box. Most of the labs didn’t work and frustrated most of the students. The instructor would read for PowerPoint slide in record time and skipping many of them. He would take a lot of smoke breaks and sometimes disappears for hours or didn’t even come back. Our breaks were 3 hours in a 8 hour day. The flex time is a joke. You just sit in a room and do the work you could have done at home but for the Finacial Aid purpose, mycomputercareercom is required to have students on campus for so many hours. AT this time, one of the campuses is on probation for not complying with the financial aid standards. Well, after each course, we had to take our final exam which was a measure up test in study mode. If the wrong answer was given, students could correct them and get an A on their finals. If students would have taken it in certificate mode, many students would have failed the entire program. Yes, it is memorizing the answers. I didn’t have to read the questions anymore, I just looked at the answer, selcted the right answer one and completed my test with an A. There were only 100-160 questions in the bank, it is easy to remember the answers. Learning material are books copied as .pdf files, software is from DreamSparks that is a Mirorsoft website for free software that is good for two years, and videos with some instructor talking about the material of the course which is not enough to pass the certification exam. There are pre assessment, post assessment, and labs that just is contains the content of the videos. To wrapped it up. Before you consider mycomputercareercom, check out jobs as network administrator or server administrator and see the requirements. I will tell you, that you won’t get close to the requirements because most of them are bachelor degrees and years of experience. Mycomputercareercom might be beneficial for professionals who are seeking certifications, otherwise it is a hoax and a waste of money. A person who wants you to avoid the mistake, many others made including myself, Abetterlife .

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