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Published: 01 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Here’s the way it works: you pay an enrollment fee – min $45, as high as $550 for real suckers. Then you HAVE to establish an “”autoship”” program. This means that you HAVE to buy something every month whether your budget supports it or not or you need a product or not that month – min cost $60 plus s&h. You can cancel your autoship at anytime via written submission, BUT, that ends your account with no enrollment fee refund……but you can always re-sign up and pay enrollment fees again! Autoship requires that you setup up a payment method – either bank account or C.C. So now they have access for charging you. So now you are all set to go & on your way to financial freedom….the autoship day approaches, you’ve signed up for a single item and next week the shippment arrives…..BUT, there are multiple items in the package and you check billing; low and behold, you have been billed 3 or 4 times what you expected.You contact customer service, only by trouble ticket via their website, as they don’t have a live phone cust service line – surprise, surprise!!! and they email back that you can request an RMA (return merchandise authorization ) to return the order. Heres the bite – if you return the order, even though it didn’t match what you signed up for, your account will be dropped – again NO refund of enrollment fee. You can however, re-enroll and pay the fee again. All return shipping & tracking costs will be yours to pay to boot. It could up to 2 weeks to process your request if they don’t claim “”it never got to them””. This scam is known as “”spamming the autoship or autoship spamming””. It is very similar to the spamming of cell phone accounts in years past. What the company does is adjust the autoship quantities & selections manually the day before or the day of the processing of orders in hopes that people won’t remember or check on what they ordered. They rely on consumers opening the package and thinking……oh how cool, look what my spouse ordered. Sure increases their sales, but it’s unlawful and very hard to prove as it happens internally and they offer a return mechanism usually to stave off fraud complaint!!! But now they have added the “”guilt”” or “”threat”” of cancellation mechanism so you don’t return orders. Usually it starts with a small, selected percentage of customers as a feeler to see how much resistance there is…if little, they escalate it, if a large number are catching it….then they usually modify the scam to something less noticable. ONE24 has done this by a starting up as a good legit opportunity, the starting up a sister company,(DAY! Corporation) and then merging the two into one entity: DAY1 Natragood. (PAY NO ATTENTION to the man behind the curtain)! Now that the two companies have a larger customer base, the scamming programs and tweeks are massaged daily…..all under the guise of “”it’s in YOUR best interest we’ve made some changes””. Hurry and get as many peopple as you can “”grandfathered in””; their future depends on it. All I can say is…….STAY AWAY!!!! SCAM, SCAM, SCAM! RUN AWAY with your personal finiancial information in your back pocket as fast as you can!!!! This appears to be a huge front for massive identity theft as well!!! BEWARE! ‘Caveat Emptor’ .

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