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Liar, cheater - do not trust this woman

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Published: 20 December 2019

Posted by: Anonymous

I dated Nadine Servus for 6 months last year and I’m finally getting the courage to share my story. This is a woman you can’t trust. Even though she is very pretty and comes off as nice at first, the truth is she will lie right to your face and go behind your back with other men.

I met her at a bar in LA while I was travelling on business. It was a hotel bar and she told me she was in sales for a pharmaceutical company. She was professionally dressed, attractive and funny. Any way, we had a couple of drinks while watching the Baltimore Ravens play – we were both fans of the Ravens, so it was fun.

I asked for her number and she gave it to me. She told me she lived in Arkansas and travelled alot for her job. I said I lived in Annapolis, Maryland. She said she had a brother there and she visited him 1-2x per year and that she had plans to see him the next week. What timing, I thought. This might be fun.

I had an early business meeting the next day, so I called it a night and we said goodbye. Seemed like a pretty normal first meeting, a nice person.

So we started texting after I got back to Annapolis, just playful flirting stuff. She DID come to Md but i never met her brother. we met one night for drinks and things got romantic. After that, we launched into a long distance relationship that was pretty exciting.

Early on, we talked about being exclusive cos things were going really well. Then one day, I get this text that says, ”Ok, looking forward to seeing you! 7pm at Hub Bar!”

Huh, i thought – I replied to her. She didn’t reply for a few hours. I don’t even know what Hub Bar is. I thought first, oh, maybe she’s in town and surprising me, but then i did some research and found a Hub Bar in Tampa, Fl.

I called her, she didn’t answer.
The next day, I called and she confessed the text was meant for someone else – her g/f she was supposedly visiting.

But on my next trip to see her, everything went sideways. Turns out she had been carrying on an affair with a guy in Tampa who she met right after I did. and that wasn’t all. I got into her phone one night while she was showering and found 3 OTHER GUYS she was texting with. and they were all flirty, one of them had a revealing photo.

I confronted her and told her I saw it in her phone. She tried to lie her way out of it, but I said, ”HERE IS THE PROOF!!!” and showed her phone. needless to say, I was heartbroken. We had had such a deep connection. I left that night and flew home early. She kept texting me afterwards trying to get me back. Why?!!

I never met or talk to the other guys, but I’m hoping by posting my story here that she will be exposed so she can’t hurt other people.


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