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Published: 19 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

EWARE !!! DO NOT WORK FOR THIS OWNER!!!! This OWNER is a FRAUD! SHE SIEZES YOUR PAY WHEN YOU DONT DO WHAT SHE WANTS YOU TO DO. She has her trucks leased on to Panther Expedited Services, Express-1 and Fed-Ex Custom Critical. She has 2 Volvos with 140 inch Sleepers 1 is Purple and the other is Yellow ( which is the one we were driving for her in ) she also has Straight Trucks leased to same places. She will not give you any advances starting out ( YOUR ON YOUR OWN TO SURVIVE ) until you get your first Settlement… Then keep in mind YOU WILL SIGN A CONTRACT WITH HER… She had me and my husband arrested on felony charges because she wanted her truck back after sending us a TERMINATION EMAIL by noon a day later when i never received this email until 6:38 that evening Our contract states UPON TERMINATION YOU HAVE 72 HOURS TO RETURN HER TRUCK. So I emailed her back and told her the Termination was fine with us because she was a DIRTY OWNER TO START WITH the way she was Treating us and us BUSTING OUR ASSSES FOR HER NON STOP and that we would bring her back her truck but i wanted all of my pay which was around $6000 for 4 weeks worth of pay to where we could rent us a car and go home back in Georgia because she kept siezing our pay every week because we had no money. So we TEXTED HER EMAILED HER the whole 9 yards trying to get her to deposit our money into our account that way once we did get to Ohio to drop her truck off we would not be STRANDED… We kept getting ignored if it was ANYTHING ABOUT OUR MONEY WE WERE IGNORED!!! So me and my Husband own a truck ourselves which we had it leased to a company in Cincinatti trying to find a team for it.. So when we saw this WOMAN was not going to pay us our money and leave us stranded we decided well we have 72 hours to deliver her her truck and Cincinatti isnt but 3 and half maybe 4 hours from where she lived … So we decided to drive to Cincinatti to get our truck to where we would have somewhere to put our stuff and get home…. I tried one last time of emailing and texting this woman about my money so i could get a rental car i was at the rental car place waiting to get an answer I DID NOT!! So we started heading towards Cincinatti to get our Semi and i was going to be following my husband back to Napoleon to drop her truck off… On the way which we got half way down in Lima Ohio she had called 911 telling them we stole her truck and we were possible carrying DRUGS!!! OK this done it we were Arrested on 4th degree FELONY CHARGES ON THE FRONT PAGE OF NEWPAPER ( I have never had a CRIMNAL RECORD in my life) 5 STATE TROOPERS PULLED INTO the Pilot Truckstop where we had stop for a few minutes to walk my small Chihauhau and grab a drink.. THAT DIDNT HAPPEN 5 state troopers swarmed in drawing GUNS AND TAZERS saying get on the ground get on the ground…. Well we spent 4 days in jail because of all of this and got out after those days went to court that following Monday AND IT WAS ALL DIMISSSED!!! WHY because it was a civil matter and the Judge read the CONTRACT and SAW WE HAD 72 HOURS AND SAW THE TIME ON THE TEMINATION EMAIL… and DISMISSED IT ALL!!! I now have a MAJOR LAWSUIT on this woman and a few others that were involved in this BOGUS AND FALSE ARREST I JUST WANT TO FAIR WARN PEOPLE PLEASE DO NOT WORK FOR THIS PERSON!!! I do know couple others That has had BAD EXP with this owner….. Also if ANYBODY ELSE knows this woman or has had BAD EXP working for her CONTACT ME PLEASE!!

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