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Beware: Nate Hill-Nathaniel Elliott Hill Fletcher NC-AVL NC

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Published: 12 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Beware of Nate Hill, he is the worst kind of deadbeat/liar. If he’s a preacher the woods are full. He’s a corrupt hypocrite, fraud. He hides behind religion while making my cousin(a woman who was a parishioner at his church) homeless on the sayso of a convicted felon & methhead/pothead/alcoholic/deviant. Much caused by the troublemaking/gossiping old hags/cvnts at his church that he wasn’t man enough to put in their place. Nate is number 1 cause, no 2 the gossiping witches that have no life & nothing better to do, can’t stay out of other people’s business, have the nerve to talk about living in sin when they are doing the same. He’s the sorriest excuse for a pastor I’ve ever seen. My dad was forced to buy my cousin an RV so she wouldn’t have to sleep in the woods after sorry Barry wrecked her car. He was given the name of a friend of theirs who had an RV for sale & that sorry scumbag lied about many needed repairs sending it back to the factory costing 1000’s & 1000’s. The RV owner said it was on consignment listed by Nate on ebay & rvtrader. He said it was Nate’s idea to lie about the RV to make more money so Nate’s commission would be higher. That RV has had to go back for repairs/engine work 3 or 4 times. My dad ended up buying my cousin a car because the RV was in the shop so many times. Money spent that should have been spent on his kids college education. But dad just couldn’t allow her to sleep in the woods. Of course slimebucket Nate Hill has no idea what sleeping in a cold car does to an older person. He’s such a lowlife he doesn’t even care about the elderly. Of course that scum would never sleep on the ground & I’m betting would be pretty mad if someone put his daughter/mother/sister in the woods to sleep because it was for so called religion/christianity.. Words can’t even come close to conveying how bad this man is. He’s the sorriest dirtbag in Hendersonville and according to Barry he lies, cheats, steals and is a sexual deviant. Idk about this but do know what he did to my cousin. Barry doesn’t care, he loves drama. The family is very angry at what Nate did because he had no right to stick his nose in my cousin’s affairs. Barry said it was all Nate & he held his criminal past over his head but Barry could’ve stood up to him. He wasn’t man enough to tell Nate to stick it. Nate being a pastor has an obligation to be better than this. He’s just a lowlife, hypocrite, moral deviant with no efficacy to do the right thing. The costs of the RV, car, all costs associated with my cousin living in a vehicle plus the emotional distress of it all should be Nate Hill’s responsibility. He said he’d find her a place to live when he told her to leave Barry’s but he couldn’t even do that. He’s a liar that gets people to call & pretend to be police, lawyers & PI’s & goes to the cops on stuff he did & caused. Nate Hill is a bigger slimebag than the degenerate’s/pervert’s begging for money on 7th street for drugs/sex. He should just go sleep with the crud. I’m sure they’d give him a box. I’d say go sleep with the dog’s but he’d make them dirty. Nate Hill Fletcher NC aka Nathaniel Elliott Hill-Asheville NC-Hendersonville NC & Upward Christian Fellowship Flat Rock NC(North Carolina) are sorry pretenders with no integrity & not who they profess to be.


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