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Published: 06 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I had an electical fire caused by lightening in my house on a Sat afternoon. The Fire deptartment called FPL to turn off power to my house and advised me that I needed an electrician to fix the wiring to point that it would pass city inspection before the power company would restore power. He worked the remainder of Sat and Sun. The bill by Sunday evening was $2500 which majically matched my insurance deductible. And I still had no power! By Tuesday evening I finally had power. On Wed, with more working needing to be done to pass inspection, he walked off the job at noon, and informed me the insurance co had put a hold on payment. I contacted the ins co, and was told he had submitted a bill for $11,700 with no supporting detail. The ins co send out thier own electrician to survey, and he reported that the total cost for the job should be $5,000 and that they would only reimburse N1 $2,500 because I had already paid them $2,500. After two weeks of working with the insurance company, I called N1 who had never called me during the entire two week period. He was extremely rude, loud, and nasty and would not allow me to talk. He finally told me he was sending me the bill even though he walked off the job and did not complete the work. I had signed an agreement with him, that after I paid him the deductible, he would work with the ins co for remainder of payment directly to him. There is no way I will pay the bill when it comes and I can beat him in court. Now I need to find another electrician and restart the work permit process over again. Do not use this company!!!!!! I am protecting my name and address because I wouldn’t put it past N1 to come after me.

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