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Published: 22 October 2018

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I purchased two Xhose pro garden hoses and both have burst within a couple of months. There are many others online who are having the same experience. Their warranty policy is that they will replace the hose for life if something goes wrong with it. That’s fine, but there policy is to send them $10.95 for each hose to replace it, plus your time and shipping costs. If this were to happen every couple of years I would have no issues but twice in a few months is likely a sign of things to come. In late April I sent them a check to replace my first defective hose. They cashed it in May and it’s now June 18th and I don’t have a replacement. I have called them and they say they are on backorder until July 13th. Not only is their product JUNK, but so is their replacement program. I don’t want to have to replace my hoses every two to three months. The money I will spend could have been put to good use in buying a real garden hose!!!! Jim

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