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Published: 01 December 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

I am writing in hopes to deter anybody from sending any more money to these so called Grant people. I have read the complaint that are on this website. I believe that I have been contacted by these same people just under a different alias. I am gong to retype what the letter that I received says in hopes that they will not be able to scam anyone else. I hope that I am able to help someone in the process of doing this. This people need to be stopped dead in their tracks. ATTENTION: We offer and extend our Congratulations on your pre-selection as a chosen GRANT Recipient! Read carefully. The contents of this letter are effective immediately! This is a day you may remember for the rest of your life. By executive order of Administrative Director and through receipt of these formal documents identifying your name by actual code-specific reference; our office now has the privilege of officially verifying your opportunity to RECEIVE a PRE-APPROVED PERSONAL OR BUSINESS GRANT MONEY CERTIFICATE! In today’s tough economic times, personal debt levels are the highest in history and retirement savings are at an all time low. In the past families could survive on one full-time household income. Now two fulltime incomes cannot keep people from still having to rely on the help from government, family and friends. The American Dream is disappearing and things like credit card debt, car repairs, medical bills, home repairs and basic needs like food and clothing are a struggle for far too many people. That fact, not withstanding, we continue to be a strong nation with the heart and perservance to overcome and succeed! In addition to stimulating the economy, help businesses continue to grow, hire new employees, and to help those less fortunate-governments, large corporations, and wealthy individuals are giving away more than ever, order to stimulate the economy- billions of dollars in Grants, in the form of CASH, PRODUCTS and SERVICES. These handouts are typically FREE and NEVER HAVE TO BE PAID BACK. National Funding Institute is one of those organizations, with our help, YOU could begin to realize the AMERICAN DREAM once again! This grant is for real. Consider the amounts below carefully and choose wisely. If we don’t hear from you the Grant will be made available to someone else. NFI is dedicated to helping individuals start their own business and become fully independent. We have offered financial assistance, mentoring programs, coaching programs, books and reports since 2002. Everyone’s needs and goals are different. Therefore the NFI Business Grant Award Certificate amounts are also varied to accommodate more participants. We only ask you pay a disbursement fee to cover our costs to faciliate your Grant. They can be used immediately. Terms and conditions must be met along with your Acceptance Fee, Authorization Signature and Phone Number on the next page to recieve full value. 200,000 grant certificate – Send 249.95 50,000 grant certificate- Send 99.95 100,000 grant certificate- Send 149.95 10,000 grant certificate- Send 49.95 It is important to note that in the event a Selected Recipient does not come forward to claim the FREE MONEY grant award within the specific deadlines, officials may at their discretion award the amounts to other eligible person (s). So, even though you are 100% confirmed and pre-approved in this matter YOU the Recipient must complete and return this entire official notice along with your selection an appropriate disbursement fee immediately to recieve full value.

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