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My father had taken a student loan for my studies so that I do not face any problems in my studies but never had I known that it would become the biggest nightmare in my life. I became sick for 4 months, due to which I couldn’t do any work and didn’t even get time to study. All the money my father saved, went into my treatment and so there was no way I couldn’t pay for my student loan.

Since the past three months, I had requested the firm to reduce the interest as I was not able to afford the payment of the loan owing to the very circumstances, I had been through. And other than this, I didn’t know what to do next. I was stuck. So, I contacted National Legal Staffing support, LLC that was supposed to provide me relevant solution to get me out of this crisis. However, the plan they suggested seems like a big scam. I have taken second opinions on my current situations from many firms but this one guaranteed me that all the dues will be resolved and a proper settlement will be done based upon what my current situation is.
However, along with this, they asked me to stop paying the lender and rather pay them a monthly amount that would help them to take strong actions on my case. I was in a dilemma and didn’t know what to do. I finally agreed to their terms and conditions and kept my entire financial situation in front of them so that they can have a better understanding of my case. And paid them on time every month from last 2 months in hope that they would take me out of this terrible situation that I had never thought of encountering in my life. This has been the worst time of my life and I needed support from a reliable hand.

It has been 2 months of working with National Legal Staffing Support, LLC and there is no sign of any update on my case. I am just captured in this situation where at one side I have to pay $ 27, 000 as the loan amount that has an interest of 8.4% which makes my final amount to be close to $ 43, 000 at the end of 6 years. But now as I took help from the law firm and stopped paying anything to the lender from past few months, my credit score has reduced terribly and there is no way I can refinance my loan with some new loan at such conditions.

This is really the worst firm that is doing nothing but ripping off money from me in the name of providing assistance. All I have got is lame excuses. No interest amount has reduced and when I asked my lending firm, they have never been contacted by National Legal Staffing Support, LLC in lieu of my case. I have been scammed by these cheaters who are just taking advantage of my situation and making money for their selfish interests. I have asked for a report from the company for all the activities done in the past two months, and they are saying they have not received a confirmation from my lending agency while my lending firm states clearly that No one has contacted them from past two months.
I searched for the background history of this law firm and turns out they are into such fraudulent activities from a long time. Other people are also asking for suggestions in their reviews when they are caught up into their trap and are just unable to find any way to come out of it. They do not care about other people who may be influenced by their behavior. All they care about is their money being paid on time when they know how bad my financial status is and how working double shift is earning me the money, I am paying them. This is really too bad.
How can people become so eccentric and just leave their humanity for some amount of cash? This is so bad. I swear to God, if I had ever known all this before, I would never have got into any association with this company ever. It is a fraud Company that is working out their tactics to take cash out of innocent people without having any shame. How shameless can you get? I hate people who do this. No one deserves it at all. People are relying on your service to get out of their bad situations and all you are doing is keeping an eye on their pockets and making strategies to get cash out of them. You will never be peace doing such things. God will make you suffer one day!!

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