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Cracks are Appearing in National Lending Corporation Business Model. Owners act like Dictators.

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Published: 29 August 2017

Posted by: David C. Park

A successful business model isn’t that successful, once cracks start appearing. The present case of National Lending Corporation is a good example. There are plenty of stories coming from different directions. I’m going to put my perspective as I’ve lived everything from pathetic customer service to poor management. The last thing you wanted is internal fight amongst top executives. I don’t know if you’ve heard of company and its so-called unique Multi Level Marketing program to generate loans. National Lending Corporation is a mortgage company with nationwide base. My name is Patrick and I’ve a sorry tale to share with you.
I invested in MLM program. Please don’t ask me anything about system. I’ve never been able to understand a thing about it. It’s full of holes. U don’t know what u are going to get paid. Dis has always been a mystery for me. I joined National Lending Corporation thinking I’d be able to make a successful part. To be honest, I’ve no idea who’s the right authority to contact after spending all these months. People with vast experience are as ignorant and unaware as new members. This frustrates me. I tried calling on (877) 480 8050, left mails on [email protected] to get some assistance but it never worked out.
The owner Mr. Nguyen and his wife Katherine Lee are fooling everybody. This is the tragedy of system. I’ve tried contacting people to find a reasonable answer to all the efforts we put and money we deserve. I’ve been denied on all occasions. This company is a scam. They don’t offer money. Sometimes, it’s been weeks before u get paid.
Some top level executives have also been asked to leave company. This was another disappointment. It leaves a very bad impression on people like us. I’ve lost money in the last couple of payments. I think it’s very well-run scam kind of thing. U should know that if management is making money and owners are living a super life than it’s a scam. It’s people like us who’ve been deprived of basic pay. I’ve put so many efforts and time and introduced so many people to system I should have earned more. Is there anyone who can stop the owners acting like a dictator?
There’s no wonder why people are getting fired and why people are leaving. I make a humble request to anyone looking to join the company. U should know this is a blood-sucking parasite kind of company. U continue to put hard efforts thinking u would receive the reward but nothing happens.
I think the company is losing its charm. The owners are exploiting its staff. There are people who’ve been working for years out of fear. My expectations have been let down.
National Lending Corporation is turning into cheap scam. There’s no denying the fact that investors like me have lost interest and passion. I expect other members to work together and raise voice against them.

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