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Published: 07 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

National Payment processing has in it’s Merchant Service Provider contract in FINE print deeply buried the following: a three year contract which upon my six year experience with merchant service providers, does not present lengthy contracts. Also there is a early termination fee of $350 if before a year into the contract one does not like their services. And slightly less termination fees attached to lesser time. A representative of this company, Rick Knight of Los Angeles, California, assured me that there would be only a monthy service fee of $20. This was not the case. Again deeply buried are various charges for all sorts of things which many companies do not require payment; all amounting to about $40 a month BUT changes a if there is no activity, the charge can be much more and changes monthly on some mysterious scale. Of note, this company charges the highest rate over Interchange Plus rates of any company out there. I’ve researched this extensively and my representative promised a much less basis point assessment but did not folow through and assessments on my transactions was the highest I’ve ever had and killed whatever small profit could have been gained. The issue of most importance here is that the company did not have any oversight on it’s representatives, assuming a customer is informed of the nature of the contract namely that it was three years and had termination fees. Which was not the case. My representative neither disclosed the contractual structure nor it’s accompanying fees. The company itself does not have within it’s major areas of information any reference to contract or termination fees. Typically a company WILL have a visible section stating termination fees and usually filled in with a ZERO. Be aware of doing business with this company. It’s large and unconcerned with the conduct of it’s representatives who clearly gain profit from signing up customers but fail to professionaly disclose the nature of what is being signed up for and the agreements one is entering into without trying to weed through three pages of very very fine print legal stipulations and restrictions. This is also a warning to double and triple check if you do business with their representative, Rick Knight as he exhibits a lack of professionalism and it more concerned with getting his commission than to your future well fair.

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