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Bad customer service and worst quality

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Published: 15 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

NATIONAL PUBLISHERS EXCHANGE is basically a printing and publishing company who claims to provide the best possible services to their customers. They also quote that they have a team of professionals who are creating new and innovative idea everyday. Well I feel very sad while telling you that this company is just fraud and does not have any motive to serve their customers.
Our school prints magazines yearly, and so this year we had to get our magazines printed and hence we contacted them. They told us they would complete the work in no time and give it to us. The time they had told was quite short and we were surprised if anyone could complete the work in such  a short time.
After that, we waited and they did not deliver on the time and date they had mentioned. On asking them, they said they will deliver in a week. Since the number was huge, we undertsood the delay. After a week, they still said another week, and now we were started to get scared, as the   is a very crucial part of our school.

After nearly a month of asking and all that they gave us our magazine copies. And after they gave they had such a hurry of asking for  the money, they would call atleast 15 times a day. It started to get really annoying and we just paid them off.
Later when the magazine was distributed, we got to know the blunders they had made. There was torn papers, irregularly spread color, different varirties of paper and what not. Regret choosing them as our publihser, they just let down the respect of the school. And they did not even return back the money when we asked for a refund. Such a loss!

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