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Published: 19 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

As someone who works here I would like consumers and anyone thinking about using National Student Servicing please dont! Your Social Securtity Number will not be safe, SSN are left everywhere and in plain sight around the office and are not properly destroyed. The agents that are working on your loans have to call and pretend that they are employees that have been fired, their names are on legal documents that you have signed but the person who you appointed to help you is not working in the office any more. Agent also lie about your financial situation, claiming you have more dependents then you do and this could lead to problems later when filing taxes. There are files in the system that have been there for 6 months+ that have had no work dont on them. Your loan companies have not even been contacted to negotiate a consolidation or a rehabilitation. Call National Student Servicing and request an update on your file. Most files have not been worked on, the “Processing/Rehab fee” goes to National Student Servicing not to your loan repayment, so that $100 fee you pay each month is just going into the pockets of National Student Servicing. Your calls will go to voice mail, most of the agents that work here have their office phones on “DO NOT DISTURB” and those voice mails you leave will not be answered. I have spoken to clients that have called every day for a week and have left multiple messages only to keep waiting. Please save your time, money and frustration and do not work with National Student Servicing. You can actually do all of the negotiations for consolidations, rehabilitation and forbearance on your own for FREE!

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