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Published: 12 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Many people in this country receive social security diability benefits. So the social security administration starts this ticket to work program. Then hundreds of scammers descend on the program to make money off unsuspecting diabled people. The social security administration gives out the private cell numbers to these scammers. who then have telemarketers call numerous times to harrass the victim. Also they sell the persons private number to other telemarketing scams for more phone calls and harrassment. NTI looked up on the web blatenly admits their scam on their website. Misleading people into thinking they can work from home on these scam operations. They hire people to telemarket and bother other victims. The US government pays them and they get paid by the other scammers! very conveinant huh? There are many people who would love to go to work but they cannot work for minimum wage and loose their benefits. The social security administration only allows under $1000 per month, if you make more or work more than 18 months you are cut off of the program. Minimum wage like social security does not put a roof over your head. You cannot play this benefit game and loose your benefit which most have a hard time getting. So call social security and complain. Tell them to stop giving out our private numbers!!! .

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