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Published: 11 July 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

I’ll keep this short and sweet… if you’re thinking of going to ntb in streetsboro ohio you better pack a picnic and be prepared to sit down for the long haul. I feel people should know what they’re getting into when they make their so-called appointment with ntb. Here’s what happened… I called in several days at a time and asked if they even could handle the types of repairs that i was looking for. I was assured up and down that it’s exactly what they do and that i would not even need an appointment but just stop by anytime. This is a terrible policy because you can be forced to wait for hours if they happen to get busy just before you show up. So on the day that i want the service i called right when they opened and they said that they already had several people there and were short a few mechanics but we set an appointment for an hour later. I showed up exactly on time and waited 20 minutes while i watched every employee of that store play around in the shop And yes i mean play around) through the glass windows and not take the time to come out and greet a customer who was patiently waiting. After 20 minutes there were now three more customers standing behind me and everyone is becoming agitated because you can actually see two guys chatting next to a car literally one of them was leaning up against a rotor of a car while on the left and the other one was telling him the story. They were laughing and having a great time while we sat there twiddling our thumbs. Finally the person i actually spoke to on the phone came out and must have recognized the vehicle because he greeted me by stating i think we spoke on the phone. I said that we had and asked if they were ready now to put on a lift and take a look at the car. I swear to god his exact words were “ummm it’s going to be about another 45 minutes before we can take a look!” are you kidding??? I asked him why we made an appointment if they couldn’t keep it and he said “things are just crazy back there.” I don’t know about whoever might be reading this review but i’ll tell you one thing most people have to find time in a day to take their car in for service and whether you have to do it during your lunch hour or on a day off let’s be honest… there’s probably 100 more places you’d rather be than sitting in a waiting room at a mechanic shop. I was not offered an apology, the promise of getting to me quickly, or anything that you would expect. Bottom line… we had an appointment and they blew me off like my time has absolutely no value Thus the reason for the post on this website) and it screwed up my whole day because i had set aside this particular day to get this work done. These guys are complete waste of space and apparently all you need to be able to do to work there is fog a mirror and you’ll be welcomed with open arms. These guys are arrogant, incredibly stupid, and frankly beyond unprofessional in my opinion. Find a local mechanic who values your business and don’t waste your money and valuable time at ntb in streetsboro. Disclaimer: this review is a matter of opinion and is based on the best recollection of the circumstances and events which transpired on july 16, 2015 at ntb in streetsboro ohio. Other locations may have better employees who are more punctual and professional, views expressed in this review are of my own and are purely opinion. Nothing stated in this review should be construed as a fact for instance “the employees are stupid”, this is merely an opinion of a person who had a first-hand experience and was unhappy. You are free to try ntb and have your own experience. I’m choosing never to go back there again.

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