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My Son was tortured by a marketing call from a mad rep

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Published: 12 November 2018

Posted by: Emma

Previously, people were much happy when they didn’t have the telephone or mobile phones and they didn’t have to receive the cold marketing calls. I own a car and my son wanted to extend the warranty service which is good. I’m not against it. But when it comes to a matter of huge and serious investment, you have to think about it and my 20 years old son also did the same. He was called by a mad rep from the company named National Vehicle Protection named Nathan. God knows whether it’s his name or an alias. He somehow gathered information that our car’s warranty is about to end and we may be intrigued to enhance the warranty of the vehicle which is cool. But this Nathan started interrogating my son.

My son Rick informed him that I, i.e. his dad own the car and it will be his decision whether he will buy the extended warranty or not. But he kept pressurized him on for 20 minutes. Nathan even asked my son to share the Visa details and the CC number and also asked him that he wants to call his father too that is me when I am working. The caller was headstrong and kept pressurizing my son on and on by asking the payment details and my phone number. Finally, my son gave up and hung up on the crazy man.
Now the question rises is the company valid?

Well, after listening to what my son experienced from the disturbing marketing call, I did some research on the company named National Vehicle Protection. I was awestruck to find that this company is enlisted in the BBB rating in the C- category. Also, they have a series of complaint posted in several complaining websites and forums. I am thankful that my shown his smartness and didn’t share the payment details to the fake people.

Why pressurizing customers when they’re not interested?

The most annoying part of the marketing calls is their forcing attitude. Aren’t they get paid monthly if they don’t compel customers to buy their products or services. I would like to launch a complaint against such wrong doers that not only cheat innocent people by selling the so called services or any ting else and aim to grab their money by hook or crook. What sort of a business policy is this? I really wonder, do they really do any good to the customers? I don’t think so. Where will anyone trace the cheaters? Within that much time they have robbed so many innocents and left the identity and planned to start another such cheating business. Why on earth the police don’t arrest such bunch of thieves who are constantly pressurizing, threatening and dominating the innocents to make their bags full?
What do the ex-employees have to say?

While researching about the complaint of National Vehicle Protection, I came across with some allegations against the company. The person mentioned that he was working National Vehicle Protection and was literary jittered by the stupid and unethical training offered by the company. According to the person, they ask the trainees to watch “Boiler Room” and similar other movies. They are said that the customers are idiots and fakes. You have to pressurize them in buying the rubbish they are selling. The calls are audited and the auditor post the comments based on which the calls are rated. If the trainees fail to sell and if the employees found guilty for not selling the products to the customers they are immediately fired!

After reading the complaint by an ex employee a chill ran through my spine and I thought, how on earth a scammer like National Vehicle Protection can keep torturing so many people. They don’t have any right to play with so many people. They should be severely condemned.

Legal notice

My further research dug out more information about the company. They have some restrictions by the court still they are in business.
I came here to file a complaint to make sure that no other people can be tortured or bullied by National Vehicle Protection. If they ever call me back I will take strong legal actions and will drag them to the court.

Stay protected…

The world is full of imposters like National Vehicle Protection. Though recently they have posted a huge letter online for whitewashing all the allegations, but if you are smart, you shouldn’t get carried away with the declaration. Always remember that so many complaint can never be wrong. You should cross check the complaint and judge whether to believe on them or get carried away by the declaration posted by the National Vehicle Protection! Here lies the greatest question. Stay away from the scammers and save your hard earned money from them.

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