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Published: 29 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I’ve gotten hundreds of calls from people obviously are not United States Citizens born to this soil, or here for other matters. I went on-line to apply for a loan. I got a call from two men with heavy accents offering to loan me $5000.00. They asked that I pay them $350.00 to show “good faith” on paying back the loan,instructing me to go to the nearest Safeway Store to purchase a voucher. At first he said another place (sounding similar to Safeway); but I’m willing to bet he got the name confused, because I could here someone in the background making the correction, that he came back with Safeway. The red flags were there, so I hung up the phone. It couldn’t have been more than 2 minutes they rang me back. What seemed to be someone other than the guy I had talked to before asked, “Rose what happened?” I told them I didn’t want to do business with them. Then he asked, “Why Rose?” My answer was, “You’re a scam.” He proceeded to call me “b***h’s and said f*** you!” He went into a rage. I’ve been getting calls everyday since Tuesday at all hours. Disturbing my rest. People need to be warned about these people who are staging themselves as lenders, only to get our personal information and money fraudulently so they can carry out their plot to bring harm to other nations. I’ve started collecting these number one in particular is “unknown 1.” Who can respond to such a number. Never is there a name of the party calling you. It’s always an unknown number. This company is Nations Financial Services. Had he gone to any other agency to purchase the money gram other than his bank he would be out of that money. However, he did send them copies of his ssn, drivers license, and other information, and now he’s worried. They are set-up on line to have you fill out one of their applications. But the information I’ve given to legitimate companies they are tapping into the company’s on-line information and taking it to use for themselves. It is no longer save to use the Internet to do personal business. I’ve caught things where I receive an alert from my bank “supposedly” telling I need to check my account balance, you have to pay close attention to know that it’s not your bank sending you this alert. They balance is either off or the four digit account number is wrong. Needless to say, it’s an attempt for them to excess your account. Once you sign on they are in. Identity Thief starts with these terrorist groups, and our people need to be warned what things to look out for. I feel unsafe now. Here are other numbers: +1(760)-891-0777, +1(786) 269-0934, 144-7944, (202) 657-5957, (440) 250-5523, 1-444, 1 with (unknown), Rocket Daddy, Inc. (850) 523-0000, (714) 241-2326, 1(620) 750-2182; Phonefusion 1(954) 607-4867, 1(549) 853-6223, 1(253) 243-1143, 1(727) 242-6652, 1(904) 971-2343, and 1 unknown between 7:26AM, 7:38AM, and 8:02Am the last three numbers (they are all from the same sources). I just got another phone call from a Cash Advance America (1) (786) 323-8929 from a Alex Parson @ 9:30AM, 1/29/15. I’m almost willing to bet that this call is a +1 (786) overseas call. .

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