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Published: 03 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

In regards to Nationstar, I have been having great trouble with them. It begins like this: I have had a mortgage for eleven years. I first started with First Century bank for five years, and then went to First Horizon, a division of First Tennessee Bank, who sold my mortgage to Nationstar. There has never been any problems with my mortgage until Nationstar took over. I have never had an escrow account to cover the taxes and insurance, as I have always paid my own taxes and insurance. Nationstar first states that my insurance lapsed in November of 2012, of which they proceeded to get their own policy to cover this for over $2,000.00 per year and also set up an escrow account. Without my permission or knowledge. I never did pay this, and never will as my insurance has not ever lapsed. My insurance agent has faxed proof of insurance well before the due date but to no avail. Nationstar claims they never received the fax, but my agent has proof that they did in fact receive the fax. I have consulted a lawyer, who wrote two letters, and it took Nationstar three months to get back to him, and they never mentioned a thing to my lawyer. Now Nationstar claims that I have filed bankruptcy, which I have not, according to my lawyer. The lawyer feels that Nationstar has no clue as to what they are doing. As you can see in my credit report I am not late on any of my creditors, yet, because of Nationstar, my creditors have lowered my limits and raised my interest rates. This past year, I paid my insurance, not due till November, as it was paid in October. I paid on my Discover card so that I would have proof it was paid. In November, Nationstar, paid my insurance on their own. I know the insurance company notified them it was paid in October. The insurance company in December sent me a check for the full amount of the insurance, stating the Nationstar paid it in November. I called them and informed them that I was not cashing their check to leave my payment active, and send theirs back. Obviously they did this. In January, I got a letter stating they never received my insurance again, that it had lapsed. I called the insurance company and they showed it did not lapse, that it was good until November 2014. The insurance company faxed proof of insurance to Nationstar. At this time I have not received anything from Nationstar yet. The whole idea of Nationstar is to put THEIR insurance in effect at an outrageous price. THIS IS FRAUD, no matter how you look at it. I am sending this letter to all three credit bureaus, and would appreciate you look at my credit and see that I am not behind on ANY creditors except for Nationstar. I have made every payment, and I have NOT been late, they keep adding THEIR escrow to it and I am not paying it. I have got every cancelled check as proof. From what I can understand, after talking to them, sometime way back when, they took my payment, and paid on their made up escrow account and showed my payment being late. In closing, I have sent my payments every month on time, and what they did with it is beyond my control. Through much investigation, I have found that there are over a thousand complaint, and several class action suits against Nationstar, Here are a few links to show what this company is doing .

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