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Published: 07 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

On October 12, 2012, I received a phone call from Mike Rogers of Nationwide Carriage Lines in Hallandale, FL in reference to my query on moving services online. Mike offered to pick and deliver our household goods for $1700 on October 17, 2012. We verbally agreed and sent a deposit of $547 via Paypal to Relocation Services. I was contacted by Isaac Ninio who said he was our driver for pick up and he made an appointment for 11 am on October 16th, even though Mike Rogers said they would pick up on October 17th. Isaac Ninio and Jerry Zisman arrived in a Budget Rental Truck at 9 am on Tuesday, Oct. 16th. They said they needed half down in cash and the balance on delivery in cash. They weighed the truck after loading it and said … wow .. the weight is over 12,000 lbs and it would cost $4600 to deliver. We gave them $700 in cash and said we would deposit $1000 in their checking account the next day. We left after the truck left but could not find a Wells Fargo bank in our area in upstate New York. We drove as far as New Jersey before we found a Wells Fargo. We deposited $1000 by check. We told Isaac that we deposited the money and he called us back saying that the bank would not release the funds because we deposited a check. This began a course of harrassment and threats from Isaac Ninio and Jerry Zisman. I gave them my debit card to take money out, and instead, they tried to purchase hotel rooms in Fairlawn, NJ with my card. My bank immediately sent an alert and refused payment. I called Isaac and told him that my debit card was cut in half at my bank because of fraud. at this point, everything went to hell in a hand basket, including harrassing phone calls, war texts from Isaac, threats and empty promises to deliver our goods. They kept needing more money because they were stuck without cash due to their bank withholding monies for insufficient check charges. We deposited cash in their banking account in Panama City, FL — we gave them a total of $3900 and have not — five months later — received our household good, but were assured by Amos Bretter, who claimed to be Isaac’s boss, that our goods were safe in a container in a warehouse in New Jersey. No response from any of the people we spoke with – Sebastian, Vanessa, Josh Pogue, Amos Bretter, Eric, Mike Rogers, LBD Worldwide, Voyager Van Lines, Nationwide Carriage Lines, Relocation Services, or the new company who bought out Nationwide, Allied Moving. Beware of internet scams with moving your personal stuff. These guys are major rip offs and change names like a harlot changes hair color. We have no idea where our stuff is, we have paid an exhorbitant amount of money and our stuff only went from Bath, NY to Fairlawn, NJ — still haven’t seen it — five months later.

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Light Fulfillment

This is a rip off. I can’t find any way to contact them to tell them I don’t want anymore product and to top shipping it to me


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