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Published: 12 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Just had my stuff dropped off on a move from NC to IN. Let me first say that I was excited to not have to deal with the stress of moving but now I feel like I would have carried less stress if I walked my items from NC to IN. The price was right after the initial consultation and Carmen seemed to have our back. Then the movers Andre and Mario show up and start bossing us around. We were told that it would be as simple as “open the door and pour yourself a cup of coffee”…..sounds nice, right? I proceeded to help them pack up most of my things and make sure that I wrote down what was in each box. We lived in a non-smoking facility and Mario decided to light up a cig on our patio…NICE!!!! THANKS BUD! Andre could not give less of a f**k about what was going to happen to our stuff. He just proceeded to share that he used to be in a ballet…..again….NICE!!!! We were charged for shipping materials after they had said that they were provided (contract contradicted itself by the way, very clever Nationwide you sly rascals). They then proceeded to charge us over $500 for boxes. That was strike one and why Nationwide seemed a little scammy. To continue my review on Nationwide, my Nationwide Movers review is going to continue to be a negative Nationwide Movers review. I was originally quoted a 3 day window and I was extremely excited about that. The projected day comes and I don’t hear anything so I call from a different number because the number that I previously used was undoubtedly screened. I get in touch with Carmen and she is unable to access my order. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, ok! So she puts me on hold and transfers me to customer service. They can’t do anything about my account either. So, I am transferred yet again to good ole David. David proceeds to tell me that my stuff won’t arrive for another 10-14 days. Then he says that he can’t expedite it. He comes back and says that for $1500 on top of our already inflated total will get it to us the next day. So if you don’t expedite yet I can pay $1500 for the stuff that I have already paid to ship….that sounds like extortion! Congratulations David, you’ve just broken the law. I respectfully declined and waited it out. Finally, the arrival. I will say that the delivery man Ernest was very kind although I don’t think that the recently extinguished cigar needed to stay in his mouth while he came in to handle some paperwork. The stuff is now unloaded and I have a dresser and bookshelf that are ruined, and a coffee table that is scratched to hell. Now I am going through my stuff and I can tell that it is damp and smells like mold….GRRRRREEEEEAAATTT! Just what I need after dealing with this bullshit. Moral of the story is that Nationwide Movers is not very good at what they do but they are great at covering their a*s. All of our money that we pay is going straight to their legal advisor to make sure that the contract is air-tight. DO NOT USE their services. Nationwide Movers scam, nationwide movers negative reviews, and nationwide movers reviews are all terms and keywords that I would use in your reviews even if it doesn’t make sense. Make sure that you are finding a trusted moving company that you can use eve if it costs more money. .

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