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Avoid for your own sake

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Published: 18 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Do not ever use this company because you will end up losing your money and get nothing in return. This company takes no responsibility for your vehicle. I am not a person who is fond of writing negative reviews about a company because it might damage their reputation but the way I was treated at Nationwide Transport Services was horrible. Since I have done business them I can assure you that none of the claims which were made by this company were fulfilled.
I decided to hire this company to get my Lexus transported. I decided to call them on which I was greeted by one of their rude customer service representatives and it looked like he did not want to assist me or even hear my concerns. Well, we decided a date on which my car had to be picked up. The driver was almost 5 hours and I had to cancel my several appointments just because of him. Not only this but he was unprofessional also and had no idea how to transport this vehicle. First of all Nationwide Transport Services is not insured so if a mishap occurs during the delivery. You are responsible to bear the charges. Secondly, their driver looks incompetent and he used ropes to tie my wheels. This is the level of standard Nationwide Transport Services has, they don’t even have enough machines to make sure that the car is safe and secure. The Lexus which I own is an older model and its tires are not reliable to drive to a long location. That was the only reason to hire Nationwide Transport Services to get my car transported. My car did not arrive at the time it was mentioned by their office. I had to make several calls to make sure that it was safe because I could not trust these guys now for what happened before.
The driver decided to drive my vehicle without my permission to deliver it. I had no idea what was happening until he appeared at my location and I was shocked to see and got furious when I got to know that he drove my vehicle. As my car was old it could not sustain such long distance and that was the only reason why it had so much damage. Everything was messed up inside the hood of my car. The tire was blown out and this company took no responsibility for it. They did not even say sorry to me. Obviously, these guys don’t listen to their customers. They just get the job done without having any regard for the customer. It’s like getting raw food in a restaurant. You had ordered something to eat so they gave you something to eat. I’m never going to hire these people ever again. And I hope my experience opened your eyes to the misdemeanor and unprofessionalism of this company too. You now know what’s good for you. Just stay away from them and you’ll be fine.

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