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Published: 23 December 2018

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BUYER BEWARE ! I should have known there’d be a problem, when in the beginning of ordering the trial order for only $1.99, that I’d gotten a call from my credit card company to see if these minimal charges were authorized – as that’s how things started. I advised them, that yes, I’d ordered some things and yes those were okay. How wrong I was! I noticed the two charges of about $89 on the day they were posted to my account. I called my credit card company, and said they couldn’t do anything until the charge went through and then I could make a dispute, (which I have done). Next, I went back to my emails for the confirmation, looking for a phone number. Unfortunately, all you get is a recording in which to cancel your subscription for the pills. I also sent an email, asking for my account to be refunded, which was on 06/16/14. I have yet to receive my refund. I have put in a complaint with my credit card company, so we’ll see where that leads. However, seeing all the complaint online, it makes me wonder whether or not, or how soon, that I will see my credited refund. Lastly, I did state to the company(s) that: As this seems to be your M.O., I do hope that the Florida Attorney General, and those from each other state, go after your company for the fraudulent practices in which you seem to operate. I think those of us also need to write your specific State’s Attorney General’s Office to notify them of your particular issue. With what I am reading, we’re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars, at the least. If all of us write to your A.G., as well as the state in which yours was purchased, someone needs to hear us. If we don’t, companies like this will continue to do so. Why wouldn’t they, they keep making money by keeping our hard-earned money. Good luck!

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