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Published: 16 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This original order was made over the phone and it was specifically made clear, that no automatic shipments would be sent. Apparently these people will say anything to get your credit card number so they can steal from you until you realize that the thief’s are sending out overpriced products, which Amazon charges less than 1/3 the price. If anyone would like a pdf copy of the Ripoff list mentioned above send me an email at (email address removed by admin) Here is thier answer to a BBB complaint, Notice how Hello, Upon signing up to Natural Green Cleanse services you agreed to enroll in a 14 day trial program. Once this period ended and we had received no word from you wishing to be removed from the trial, your subscription converted into a monthly auto-ship program at a cost of $88.92 per month. This service gets you a new 30-day supply of Natural Green Cleanse shipped to you once per month. The first $88.92 is for the full price of the trial bottle, as the trial has expired and you are outside the trial date. Upon signing up you checked the checkbox stating that you have read agreed and fully understood the terms of service, and section 4 is where you can find all of the trial terms outlined, as well as directly on the order page in paragraph form. We do not issue a full refund unless you are inside the trial period. As stated in the terms that you ticked that you have “read, fully understood, and agreed to” clearly state that the trial begins on the date the order is placed. These terms were not separate, as you can see on they are directly under the cart as well as you must tick the checkbox before ordering. Additionally, in your confirmation email that we sent immediately after purchasing, it stated: “Please be aware that your trial starts today, the date your order was placed.” We send that as a courtesy reminder even though these terms are stated on the ordering page and in the terms that you checked. Your Trial Began: 14 Days later, your trial ended: You Cancelled: Please call in for any further questions, however your account has been fully closed, there will be no further shipments or payments. However your account has been fully closed and marked for resolution. Thanks, Natural Green Cleanse 1-800-387-1146

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