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Published: 15 October 2019

Posted by: Jayant Shah

To begin with

Naveen Jain is a fraud calling himself a philanthropist and a successful entrepreneur. It’s so unfortunate that I along with other investors have fallen into his bastardized theories and lost money. This guy is bullshit and a plaster saint-making easy money through ridiculous tricks. It’s everyone’s goal to be successful like Bill Gates but never use a goofy ploy to con the consumers as Naveen Jain does. He is not a noble philanthropist as he says.



He has been reported as a scam through many review websites. But on searching his name only his forged reputation appears at the top. He hired Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts to create a “beneficial reputation”. The only way to search for his frauds and negative reviews it’s by searching Naveen Jain + frauds/scam/controversy. Now he is everywhere on the internet promoting his garbage. He is a spurious, dishonest and a ruthless asshole.


More or Less about Naveen Jain

This guy was born on September 6, 1959, in a Jain family in New Delhi, at the villages of Utter Pradesh, India. Around 1970s Naveen Jain joined the Indian Institute of Technology at Roorkee where he graduated with an engineering degree. Later he came here to the United States of America in 1979. 

In 1983, Naveen Jain got his first job at Unisys Company (formerly known as Burroughs) at the business exchange program. In 1989 he got another job at Microsoft. Here he worked on MS-DOS, OS/2, Windows 95 and Windows NT. Naveen Jain was later promoted to the Microsoft management team following his hard work as a program manager. After a few disputes at Microsoft, he quitted and started his own company known as InfoSpace in 1996.


About InfoSpace

In March 1996 Naveen Jain founded InfoSpace with other 6 employees (mainly from Microsoft). They started developing emails and telephone directories. The services that were provided at this company include maps, phone directories, games and information content to the mobile devices manufacturers and the websites about the stock market. On December 15, 1998, InfoSpace went public and raised an offering of $75 million. 

Naveen Jain’s net worth was up to $8 billion and he started to purchase expensive stuff like yachts and houses. The 47 percent of InfoSpace was owned by this greedy guy called Naveen Jain. He used phony promises of stock shares to attract business partners and new talent but later then he broke the promises by firing the employees without giving them the promised shares. From the board’s investigation, it was found that 8 former business partners and 7 employees faced these malicious acts from Naveen Jain. These employees and consultants bought the shares for 1 to 10 cents each but unfortunately, Naveen Jain broke the deal and instead fired them over a dispute and denied them the shares.

In March 2000 InfoSpace stock depreciated from $138 to $156. Even after the stock price reduced, Naveen Jain said that InfoSpace will have an outstanding market share compared to the combination of Intel, Microsoft, and Cisco. He bargained for his $80 million shares at a throw-away price. Even though the dividends were declining Naveen Jain told the investors that the dividends are expected to accelerate to $360 million. This guy and other executives sold their shares to mislead the auditing practices that made it appear as it was flourishing. Naveen Jain endowed funds in a company run by his brother. They named that practice as “buying revenues”. 

In 2001 a lawsuit was filed by a shareholder against Naveen Jain and other executives at InfoSpace. The shareholder described Naveen Jain mislead the shareholders about the company resources, on the other hand, he profited by selling his shares at a lucrative price. Afterward many lawsuits were filed against this hungry man called Naveen Jain. In December 2002 Naveen Jain was dismissed from his CEO position by the InfoSpace board following the lawsuits filed against him. 

Naveen Jain bought and depleted stocks in 6 months of his occupation using insider knowledge. Following this, he was ordered to pay an amount equivalent to $247 million for paying no attention to the trading rules. The security and exchange commission ruled the prosecution in Naveen Jain’s favor and he was ordered to pay $105 million instead of $247 million. 

Naveen Jain tried to sue his lawyers and stock management company pleading that they neglected in handling the case nevertheless the Supreme Court and the lower courts dismissed his case.

In March 2003 Naveen Jain among others was prosecuted for plundering trade secrets from InfoSpace to start Intelius. Nevertheless, the court found no evidence and the case was discharged. In December 2004 an $83 million settlement between Naveen Jain and the InfoSpace was made to dismiss all the charges made against Naveen Jain including the one filed by the shareholder.


Other Companies Founded by Naveen Jain

In 2003 Naveen Jain co-founded a company known as Intelius. This company collects and sells background information about a specific person. Naveen Jain later founded another company known as Talentwise (actually a photocopy of the Intelius) and sold it in the year 2010.

On August 20, 2010, Naveen Jain co-founded a company known as Moon Express. The company is constructing a spacecraft machine to mine materials such as cobalt, gold, nuclear energy fuel (Helium-3) and cobalt from the moon. This spacecraft machine is also intended to anticipate water on the moon’s south standard to be recycled to formulate rocket propellant for missions to mars and a good way off. Naveen Jain hallucinates in discovering human dominion in the moon.

In the year 2015 Naveen Jain established a company known as the Bluedot. This company warrants analysis from the United States Department of energy and national laboratories for commercialization. Later he founded a company known as Viome which is a spin-off of Bluedot. Viome administers nutrimental genomics experimentation and scrutiny by design of gut flora and administers nutritional advice.

Naveen Jain is also a board member of an unremunerative network of sophomore entrepreneurs by the name Kairos society. This network was established by his son. Naveen Jain is also a board member of the Xprize Foundation and Singularity University. He and his wife put in motion the Anu and Naveen Jainwomen’s soft Xprize in October 2016. 


Books by Naveen Jain

I found that Naveen Jain has a book known as “Moonshots: Creating a World of Abundance”. In this popular book, he has written his perspective and imaginations about the future. He says that imaginations, exponential innovation, and curiosity are generating life without limits. Naveen Jain prides and joys himself by saying that his technology will change how we live and work. Surely he has a nice dream!



In this book (Moonshots: Creating a World of Abundance) Naveen Jain tends to reveal on the skeleton in cupboard a phenomenon he refers to as a “super entrepreneur” mindset. He says that this is a radical stimulus to bring into existence an exciting and abundant forthcoming. He explains the application of his imaginary theories which include Moon Express (which he is governing today). Naveen Jain wants to open up the moon’s tremendous resources for the advancement of humanity. This is a piece of much suspicious information but somehow it makes sense and hooks the attention of a reader. He can be a good adventure movie producer. This made me trust and believe in his products.


Intelius is a Trash- They Stole Money from Me

Intelius (the current company owned by Naveen Jain) claims to be so accurate and fast people’s background check. At Intelius, this guy claims that the useless program has over 20 billion public records. He continues to state that it displays a convenient and easy to read the report.




I ordered a one-person search for 95 cents in their 7 days trial that costs $7.95 that will be charged after the mentioned 7 days. In a New York minute, I received a completely irrelevant report and bullshit. The information was at least 5 years old and not about what I searched for. There was a green checkmark that appeared with the person’s date of birth, telephone number and address they were all flawed like shit.

Then there was another an orange checkmark written “Get the report on” on which I went on and clicked. There appeared a page with 3 options that included subscriptions for People search report (charges were $3.95 per one search), People search plus report (charges were $9.95 per one search) and Background report (charges were $49.95 per one search).

There was an offer for “Premier plus membership” which the charges were $29.95. That offer seemed to be a good deal so without hesitation, I subscribed to the plan. On the spot, after pitching in I was shown a page saying “Take our consumer survey and claim $10 cashback”. I completed the survey and moved to the next page in a little while. I thought I was doing all that under my 7 days trial yet that how I fucked up myself.

Repeatedly they dispatched a piece of garbage information. There was nothing informative rather than the old goat information. I immediately canceled the subscription but they still charged me the $7.95 for the 7 days trial. There appeared a bloop saying that my 7 days trial has been successfully canceled and I will continue using the premier plus membership charging $29.95 per month until I cancel.  What a fuck! I thought I had canceled the premier plus membership plan.

I contacted the Intelius customer service at (888) 445 2727 but I was too late because they had already made the automatic transactions from my PayPal account. The bastard on the customer service line was a well-trained con. The jerk told me the thing indicated to Intelius’ terms and conditions is a certain to all purchases are final and no refunds are made whatsoever. In short Naveen Jain’s bullshit thing swallowed my $0.95 + $7.95 + $29.95 = $38.85just for gibberish information. I immediately withdrew the funds in my PayPal account, closed that account and opened a new one to avoid future auto transactions made by Naveen Jain and his computer wizards.

So this is the shit that makes Naveen Jain refer to himself as a successful investor and entrepreneur. Using tricks to rip out dollars from Intelius consumers. The $10 cashback was a trap to mislead me into subscribing. Honestly, I never received my $10 cashback even after completing the survey. As I had said about this guy called Naveen Jain’s fake promises, that’s exactly what he did to me.

In all the auto payments they did, guess I never received their email with payments’ information. Naveen Jain is just but a con artist in an entrepreneur’s name. His Intelius trash is a big scam stealing money from the consumers. Intelius (Naveen Jain’s invention) is a humdrum, money pirate and good for nothing program. I would not recommend this hocus-pocus for background information checking. The background information they provide is old than the company itself. It’s trash! 


What Other Consumers Say about Intelius and Naveen Jain

It is so doomed that Naveen Jain is using the Intelius to deceive people and make simple cash. Intelius is a scam that tricks its consumers buy a $10 cashback, $0.95 one search under 7 days trial payable $7.95 per week. The $10 cashback is just a trick and it’s never mentioned again after subscribing. Intelius forwards their customers’ credit card details to robust marketing and the $29.95 charges are made automatically each month and so forth.




The survey is precisely straight an integrated unconditional scam. Once you complete the survey boom! There you are, already a full time $30 per month member. Pulling out from junk thing (Intelius) is in all respects hard and the users continue to pay forever until they try to stop it. This sucker game might be the reason for the great Intelius revenue growth that grows significantly over a little while. Without all these sucker game tricks, Naveen Jain and his entire zoo would have no revenue growth. They are as fast as a quickie to make the charges but they do not provide kind of the information they put on the map.

They say that the charge is just a one-time charge to lamebrain the customers. On a one-time search, they charge without a delay and once they get the PayPal or credit card details they will keep on completing hidden monthly charges.  Once you contact them for cancelation the customer service providers are never willing to guide you on how to cancel the subscription. All you get is a lame answer with no value. They are so deceptive with fake promises like $10 cashback but once you get into their trap that’s how you enroll in the premier plus membership.

The monthly charges will be completed automatically even if you did not use their pointless services. Worst of all they do not refund the cash after canceling the subscription. They stick to their nonsensical terms and conditions of no refunds made after purchase (even if there was no service rendered).




Naveen Jain is known to be one of the fraudsters who has fortunately dodged a jail term. He tries to copy people like Sir Elon Musk but he is more of Adolf Hitler.  A lot of lawsuits have been filed against this guy but he has been able to pay the fines gave a slip to sentencing. He has cleared his reputation everywhere and it’s truly hard to reveal his misdeeds. He had even threatened some of his employees and business partners which reveals how ruthless and barbarous this guy is.




Recently Naveen Jain lived in a runty rental unit and he wanted a high-class life so he admired entrepreneurs built their life from nothing. Due to his predatory nature towards wealth, Naveen Jain does everything possible to get quick cash.The business partners and the executive board at InfoSpace named Naveen Jain a dishonest and cruel man. 



Naveen Jain is a con artist and merciless man to the community. This guy is a pathetic, stingy and contemporary sharp fraud who uses fictitious promises to make easy and quick cash. He has stolen my money along with other consumers of his garbage called Intelius. Naveen Jain has been dodging jail terms considering he affords the fines. I found it important to raise awareness and bring to light the bottom line of Naveen Jain’s company (Intelius). I hopefully know that this article will be helpful to someone. If you want to check the background information about yourself or somebody else please use another online people search company. Avoid Intelius at all costs and save your money.

Have you ever tried Intelius? What can you say about Naveen Jain? Which are the suitable legal actions against this fraud? Share your tragedy and opinion about this guy and his Intelius thing. Keep other buyers aware by sharing your record when you used Intelius to check the people’s background information.

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