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Published: 15 February 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I can not totally say that I did not get something from the three books that I paid over $300 dollars for. However, the amount of benefit is not worth $300, AND the promise of millions of dollars rolling thru my front door after reading these three books never occurred. Thus, I have to agree with your other gentleman that Mark Hamilton cost me a lot more time and money than he has benefited me so far. Furthermore, I cringed every time Mr. Hamilton referred to Society member’s as God-men/man/women. He thinks he has all the answers, and almost has the attributes or characteristics of what I was taught as a child to be the anti-Christ. This one area is the main reason I could not spend anymore money or jump into this society with both feet. I will not or could not turn my back on my Jesus. He is not a dictator to me. He is not over me as Mr. Hamilton wants to describe a God figure. He is my friend and beside me. Another clue for letting consumers know that this is not to be trusted is the fact that you are rushed through the books. You are not given enough time to read each book before you are sent those letters promising you the moon(wealth). As for all those secrets that are supposed to be contained within those 300+ pages, Mr. Hamilton rambles on and on and on saying the same thing over and over and over again: always promising that he is about to reveal that promised secret. Plus, he talks in terms that only very educated people will be able to understand what he is talking about. In other words, you better, have an astrology, physics, mathematics etc. degree to have a clue in some areas. My guess, he copied and probably doesn’t know some of it either, because I listened to a video and he sounds like he is on drugs. I am not a vengeful person, so I do not want a refund. I could kick myself for not looking on the internet first for complaint like the one I am filing now. .

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