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Published: 03 January 2019

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27 january 2016 On wednesday at around 2am my husband had rushed me to netcare garden city. I was woken up with severe sweating lethargic and disoriented, vomiting no balance (whereby I couldn”t walk and very very confused about what was going on around me) at this point it feels like my brain is shaking in my head and like jelly I arrived at netcare garden city after nurses had to assist me thru the emergency entrance I went to the procedure where the staff have to check your blood pressure and sugar levels. 20 mins After the nurses did the procedure I was left in reception without any urgency to assist me I was left in the wheel chair where I fell asleep. After 30mins a nurse came where she wheeled me to the emergency section and told me to get out of the chair and to sit on the bed to wait on the doctor – advising the nurses about my symptoms the nurse told me not to talk crap and that I must not give her attitude. A male indian nurse then took his time to assist me to get onto the bed being very empathic to my situation and assisted me very well. The doctor then ask me what was wrong and if I was on any meds I advises that I was on a diet pill and they took blood, all bloods came back clear so the symptoms could not have been due the diet pills I was on but according to the nurses (Female) they see these causes all the time, oh and to top it off I was asked how many pill do I take and why do I take the diet pills (not saying it in too many words whispering to each other overdose) Doctor then gave me a drip and I was sent home with a script for nausea tabs and a letter booking me off from work for 2 days. Here”s the best part So later the wednesday morning at 5:30 i”m discharged as the day progresses the symptoms are still not subsided beside for the nausea, I sleep most of the day hoping it would help. Thursday morning waking up with the same symptoms I call my sister as my husband helps me bath and dress to take me back to a hospital. We then go to net care milpark, on arrival the nurses greet with respect and ask you what”s wrong mam let me help you can I assist you to your vitals? Within a short time I get to see a doctor in casualty the doctor is advise about the symptoms and the diet pills. Immediately he orders bloods, ecg and ct scan to be done on me. After doing all on this he puts me on a drip and very light pain meds. After waiting for all my results before diagnosing what”s wrong all my results comes back clear and with a group of experts I was the checked by a ent specialist, and was diagnosed as vestibule neuronitis. Garden city is the most negligent hospital right after coronation, it should be listed as a government hospital as this a waste of medical funds, this diagnoses could have been picked up at garden city if the doctors and staff were more interested in my health. Money first and health last attitude stinks Nurses act as thou they doing you a favor yet you pay so much money for crappie service

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