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Published: 27 December 2018

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Not sure what is going on with the batch of leads received but have been seeing a pattern of experiences that concerns me. More often than not, I have been speaking with potential prospects that feel a scam is being run on them. Describing having multiple phone calls within a very short spurt of time either after filling out an inquiry or some prospects stating that they never requested information because they previously over several months ago made an inquiry. The most disappointing experience is that I tried to figure out what this experience was and one client forwarded me a weird yet sketchy email sent to them. This email stated that their policy premium had recently changed and that they should click on a link. Which out of curiosity I decided to click this link and filled out the inquiry. This inquiry looked like a request for auto insurance quotes within 1 minute of filling this information out I received no stop calls for one to two minutes from agents out of Seattle, California and Minnesota I believe. The ringing had gotten so bad I stopped answering the phone, the last call taken which was much later was from a local Allstate Agent. What I found out was several companies had called Answer Financial, Consumer United, Allstate, Pemco Insurance among other companies. They all appeared to be call center experiences and some even sounded like they were from another country, which is what several people have been telling me about. Out of all these companies the most interesting company was Consumer United. Lou who apparently worked for Bankrate is a huge influence to the growth and lead generation of this company. Not sure what all this means other than I am wondering whether or not they are selling the same leads to you folks because the experience I have heard about from many is uniquely similar to what I experienced with this guys company called again ” Consumer United.” I sincerely hope this company is not a lead generating company for you because it provides for delayed real time lead generation and provides for an overall disadvantage for those agents paying with hard earned money to your company. Here is a copy of Lous description: Lou Geremia: PRESIDENT, INSURANCE As President of Insurance at Consumer United, Lou Geremia leads the growth of the country’s top online insurance agency. He came to Consumer United from Bankrate where he managed NetQuote, InsureMe, Insweb and other insurance brands totaling more than $200M in annual revenue and 20% growth per year. Lou also co-founded and served as president of where he successfully managed the company’s growth, profitability and sale. Assuming the position of Director after the sale, he managed all new business development, major marketing partnerships and other revenue generating relationships. Prior to, Lou served as a Senior Vice President at both Fidelity Investments and Chase. At Fidelity, he developed the model and business plan for At Chase, he built and managed a new business development group that fostered long-term partnerships with banks, insurance companies, brokerage firms and other affinity groups to market credit cards to their customers. Lou received his undergraduate degree from Colby College and earned an MBA from the Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business. Consumer United 1-866-556-6457

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