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Published: 16 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

April 8th, 2014 I went to the store to purchase a few snacks for myself and my son. After using my NetSpend card I received an alert of my balance to my cell phone stating I had a zero balance after the transaction. I was floored because my payroll direct deposit had just been made the night before and I had not spent any money. I immediately called customer service and was told as dispute for the fraudulent activity was placed and I had to wait ten days to get an update, not ten days to get my money back, but that they would investigate the claim and contact me by email and postal mail of there findings. I was furious, I asked to speak to a manager several times and was told that the manager/supervisor would just tell me the same thing. Finally because of my persistence the agent tried or so they claimed to find a supervisor. I remained on hold for 30 minutes and still no one else took my call. I spoke with four representatives on the 8th sent four emails and a negative feedback and everyone had the same rehearsed robot answer dispute is filed send in your documents showing you are disputing this transfer and you will have to wait ten days. Waiting ten days is impossible with bills to pay and no food or gas in the care. I’m in the waiting mode and unfortunately do not know what to expect of the outcome. However I plan to take action because if they are supposed to be FDIC insured they should be able to take better action in this criminal situation. The transfer should be able to track, there should be a trail. I was also told that the money has already left there bank so they could not reverse the transfer. What does that have to do with me. Track this their and give me my money. To my dismay I was truly upset to see so many more people who have been a victim of this same type of scam. I have bank with them for less than a year and am very upset that I ever have. One agent had the nerve to ask me if I knew the person that the transfer went to, why would I be disputing the transfer if I knew the person, dummies. The barrier of language was an issue too because they couldn’t understand me at times. If they can’t understand us they don’t need to be trying to assist us. The person whose name was Shaquania Brantley, I don’t even know how to pronounce that name, they are a thief and I want my money back. I hope and pray all other victims will get theirs back too. As a result I had a car payment reject, returned unpaid. If they do not return my money, I plan to file a lawsuit. $634.95 was taken from my account. $630.00 was transferred and $4.95 transfer fee. My lawsuit will be for much more. .

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