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We should stay away from such a confusing business policy.

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Published: 06 August 2019

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In the era of increasing corruption and theft, a person needs to stay fit both mentally and physically. To learn proper self-defense, improve flexibility balance and strength and use it when required. Therefore I decided to learn martial arts for being fit and healthy and after searching a lot I zeroed down to the Neutral Ground Grafton Martial arts and after looking at all the facility and ease I decided to join the same.
But now I would like to make a complaint against this martial art center because of a lack of communication between the students and the trainer. They never listened to any of our queries and were always busy teaching new techniques. They didn’t even get back once and asked any of us if we were facing any kind of problems with our previous practice sessions. Then I decided to sign up for a personal trainer. I made the payment every quarter, although I paid the fee In advance for the first quarter and started with my training with a personal trainer. We did well for a few days when suddenly the trainer left the martial art center, I enquired about him and came to know that he left for some personal reason. I demanded another trainer soon after but nothing was taken into consideration by the manager. I waited for a week but still got no response in return. Then I went to the location where payments are made to cancel the contract regarding personal trainer, I was told by a gentleman in the front desk that the manager didn’t show up today, so I decided to keep a note for the manager.
Weeks passed by and soon a month passed by too, I was still being charged and the money was being deposited from my account every month, I was not in touch with any of the personal trainer yet. We then proceeded to the third month and I went to the place again to meet the manager and get all my money refunded but he refused to do so and made me count the money due for another 3 months, because the next quarter had already begun and my account would still be charged and if I wish to stop training here then it would be after the 3 months gets over. This was wrong and I had to block all the transactions between my bank account and the Neutral Ground Grafton Martial Arts. I disagree with how this company had to deal with their business account regarding their training issues and I will not be paying any further amount due to this company as the trainer left after few days of training and I was already charged for a quarter year and now I was going to be charged for the next 3 months which I couldn’t afford to pay, because I still didn’t get any replacement for my trainer.

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