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Published: 22 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

What a shock. I got the referral to the company via a strategic high-reputation LinkedIn site. I listened and read their 20 minute program on how you’ll never have to do cold calling again. It can all be done by inbound qualified leads, which they never say where they come from unless you buy their materials for $97. Well, by the end of the spiel they offer a discounted price of $47, with a 30 day risk-free trial period. In fine print on the returns portion of the sale agreement they warn and threaten that they will sue you for the fee and all their legal fees, which they claim are very high due to Obamacare, if you attempt to dispute the charge or cancel your credit card. Then they used other threatening language to leaving you feeling abused. Instead of reading several pages of good news about the product, you get bombarded with threats if you file a dispute, cancel your credit card or take any other action to recover your funds via legal attempts to reverse the charges. Unfortunately, I looked at my billis gone bucause they charged my card immediately. I just wanted to use the 30-day free trial and return the products/services within that period if I didn’t like it. Now I look like I’m stuck. Returns tak two weeks plus shipping, but you onle get get 30 days trial before you are considered a sunscription client. (hopefully they honor this). Most surprising of all was an immediate charge for $297 for a 3 month trial subscription for something never mentaioned in the sales pitch. Getting my money back looks lie a major inconvenience supposing I am lucky enough to get the charge reversed. This was a total SCAM. It has affected countless visitors to their site believing they have a sample of how to avoid cold calling for good; except, they are robbed of your money first. Needless to say they never mentioned a 3 month subscrition to something without a name. The $297 charge was a phoeny. I never saw or approved such a charge. If you run into this, even on a reputable site’s click through, run. Run as fast as you can from this product. I will still try to get my money back, but I am not very confident I will. Please be careful if you ever come across PS – their returns page is B.S. It doesn’t even load on your browser window. Another part of the scam. This is a way of helping you, by sending you to a non-working web page. .

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