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No Sense of Responsibility in New American Funding

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Published: 10 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

They just lack the sense of responsibility. We wanted to buy a house. So that’s why we got hold of one of the Agents of this company. So We spoke to this agent and we understood that what are the documents and what do we need to do to get a home loan? And we also got it approved. But unfortunately, as per the new advisor Our loan Was An approved yet. So a wrong information was provided to us and we based everything on that incorrect information and everything went haywire. So we searched for a house and we found our dream house within our budget that we could afford and within the loan amount that was sanctioned to us. Definitely we wanted to do for that house. But when the deal is being done the day we are supposed to go for the deal. Our loan advisor doesn’t show up. We again need to call the loan company and get a new advisor or a new loan agent who would help us in our venture to buy a new house? The process became so hectic that we almost gave up. The company they will least bothered to help us. But finally after so many calls being made they did send us an advisor or an agent who would help us. So the new agent look through our documents look through are called records and informed us that we would not be able to process the loan for you because of some discrepancies that we do not have the documents of and that’s why we would not be able to process the loan for you and we have to put the loan on hold. No, one had any clue as to what went wrong, what were the documents and even if we supplied the documents if it would go through all that we knew is that we would have to reapply again and it would take the same amount of turnaround time. Well, unfortunately. We still are looking for the house and we lost the house that we had look for because the dealer would not wait for us to clear or sanction alone, and then we would get it done. We lost the house. We are still looking for a house. Alone isn’t still approved and nobody is willing to take the responsibility. I’m definitely not going to look forward to doing business with them ever again. Very poor experience.

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