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Published: 19 January 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

DO NOT ENTERTAIN THIS “CAR DEALERSHIP”!!! PLEASE LOOK ELSEWHERE. I decided to take the time out to warn everyone about New Castle Motors. I have no clue what so ever how these crooks are still in business. First and foremost, this “dealership” does not give the customer the right to pick out their own vehicle that they were initially interested in. They pick the vehicles for their customers (not knowing what you like or dislike nor do they care) which is an absolute turn-off upfront. They’re all about fast talking to get money, which will get them nowhere and has gotten them absolutely nowhere in MY case, except for owing me my a full down payment back as well as court cost. My daughter is a college student and received a good amount of money that she wanted to use as a down payment for a car. I decided to reward her with a new car with me as the buyer. We went to New Castle Motors and I was going to trade a car (that is in my Husband and Daughter’s name). Their salesman Joe Castillo and “Manager” (who is doing a terrible job managing) Shemika Freeland told me they ran my credit and could not sell me a vehicle because my trade-in is already in my name. FIRST LIE! My trade-in is in my Husband & Daughter’s name. Obviously someone just did not want to sell me a vehicle from the beginning. I caught them in their lie and Joe told me to come back the next day and he will see what he could do. (I should have used that as a warning to go look elsewhere). He called me the next day and all of a sudden I was approved. My daughter and I went back to the lot (biggest mistake) and test drove a 2010 Dodge Caliber. She had her eye on another vehicle and he didn’t even attempt to discuss or work with her on that particular vehicle. She was satisfied with the Dodge Caliber so we decided to go ahead and move forward with the paperwork. New Castle Motors vehicles are overpriced and have extremely high mileage. (They even use the vehicles on the lot for their personal use) AS WELL AS DRIVING THEM TO COURT & TO DO ILLEGAL REPOSSESSIONS. LOL!!! No wonder they all have high mileage. Joe and his manager Shemika did not display the cost of the vehicle and other details properly on their contract. Once we signed one contract for a $13,000 vehicle. We agreed to give Joe a $1,500 down payment and come back in two weeks with $500, making a total of $2,000 as a down payment. Once Joe managed to get our $2,000 everyones attitudes completely changed at New Castle Motors. He then tried to trick me into signing a new contract with a total price of $20,000 and a 22% APR. I did not agree with the new contract, therefore I have the right to not to sign it. The manager hides in the back the entire time and uses her salesmen to do the dirty work. As soon as I caught on to what they were doing the salesman became upset and the manager decided to then come and speak with me. She was EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL and kept trying to cut me off while explaining why I refused to sign the contract because she did not want to hear the truth. It is not legal for a car dealership of any kind to sign one agreement with someone, then turn around and expect the customer (unless their desperate) to sign a whole new contract that is double the original price. Shemika then wanted to argue in front of other customers and even refused to let me have the new contract unless I “promised to sign it” (In her exact words). She refused to return my down payment and threatened me with a voluntary repossession if I did not sign the $20,000 contract. The salesman next to us Tanesha even decided to chime into our conversation while handling a customer of her own at the time and argued with my daughter stating “You’re the one who just lost your money.” Shemika gave in and gave me a copy of the new contract and I decided to go and file a claim to get my down payment back. Two days after New Castle Motors received my petition Shemika decided to go to another county and file for a replevin. The replevin was thrown out of court because her malicious ways were clearly bought to the light of others. Shemika has harassed me and called my place of employment several times, even to the point where my co-worker who I shared the story with became annoyed with her and told her she was wrong and to stop calling. Two weeks after calling me nonstop Joe and Shemika realized I that I was not going to sign the $20,000 contract so they disabled the vehicle from starting. (I did not owe them any money and the contract we did sign did not state that they were allowed to disable the vehicle.) They have sent several repo men to my home to repossess the car. Even the first repo man listened to the story and said that he did not agree with them and did not want to be involved. Shemika has tried everything she could to make things personal instead of keeping it business and properly resolving the issue. To sum it up, New Castle Motors has lost in court twice and was ordered to return my down payment of $2,000 after trying to ask for unnecessary fee’s to be deducted. The court seen how malicious New Castle Motors “Manager” is and did not side with her. They repossessed the vehicle two days before we went to court and filed a counter claim that same day which was also dismissed in its entirety. I will now be extremely careful of the businesses that I trust. This is what happens when you try do business with unprofessional and untrustworthy people. I would have never entertained New Castle Motors had I read their online reviews before taking my daughter there to look for a car. I have yet to see one good review for them and I see why. I am ready to move on from this situation and I am now waiting for a return of my $2,000 down payment as well as court filing fee’s (as order by the court) to get my daughter the car that she wants and deserves. I really hope no one else falls into the trap of New Castle Motor’s, I’m glad I caught on before it went any further. I hope they find a new way of conducting business because they are a big JOKE! .

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