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Published: 10 August 2017

Posted by: Kayla L. Strouse

I am Peter and I ordered one keyboard, one wireless mouse and some internal hardware parts from New England Computer Supply a month ago. First of all, I got my order late and then when I got it, the mouse wasn’t working and there was no keyboard. I wrote to them asking them to fix the issue. They told it will be done within a week’s time. It was a lie.
I paid for all these when I placed the order. After almost a week of telling me they will replace it, they didn’t and asked me to pay extra for shipping. This is fucking ridiculous. When I asked them why they didn’t include this extra shipping charge initially, they said it’s because they are shipping it again. That’s’ not my fault at all. It is their problem they sent me a defective piece and now charging me is not correct. This is really stupid.
When I asked the guy I was talking to, to connect me to a senior person who can help me with the problem, he told there is no one. His name was Sandy. He started talking rudely and in some time, he hung up. I kept calling their number 9784740088 but there was no response after that. I sent a lot of emails but again nothing. They are simply ignoring me and have stolen my $989. I am sure whatever I got it also fake and cheap. New England Computer Supply is a fraud company and all they know is to steal other’s money.
I tried checking their website and it is still active. I don’t know how. Do they think they can get away with this illegal way of working? I am so angry at these assholes. I can’t finish my work ‘coz my computer isn’t working and now my money is also gone and m left with nothing. This is cheating and they are frauds. I want to teach them a lesson. Can I sue them over this? $989 is not a small amount for someone who has recently started working.
I am filing a report at consumer forums and waiting to see what can be done with these assholes. It is really stupid that to get normal computer parts, one has to go through shit. I don’t believe in ordering online things anymore. There is no credibility these days. People open companies, build websites and then vanish with other’s money. It is not about the amount that we lose but losing trust in people is just sad.
I read another review of this company by a guy called Rob and even he got defective and missing products. So I am not the only one who has gone through this. I have contacted Rob and will see what we can do to not only get our money back but to see to it that this fraud company New England Computer Supply is shut down. My work is pending and it is piling up since I work from home. My laptop is everything for me and now I have to go somewhere else and spend on fixing things that I have already paid for.
How stupid is that and all this trouble because of these cheaters. I am losing money by the day when I don’t work. My laptop is in a bad condition. I will not let these shitheads get away with this. I will think twice now before ordering anything online. These kinds of cheaters make it hard to trust others who are running honest businesses. I am so angry at them I feel like finding out their address and going to their office and kicking their ass. I am not even sure if they have an office or even the address they have provided is real or not.
It might seem too much to do for that amount of money but this is really irritating. If this has happened with you too, I am sure you will understand. I urge people who have been scammed by New England Computer Supply to get in touch and share their experience. We can stop others from making the mistake of trusting these frauds. I won’t do that again and make sure that others don’t too. Anyone who wants to teach them a lesson or want their money back, let’s consult someone who can help us with this and get our money back. They messed with the wrong person this time!

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